Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is the Blu-ray bonus really a selling point?

Initial reaction to this article is: "So?"

I've never been huge into renting movies, but Netflix has changed my ways. It's just too convenient to pass-up. Most of that content is certainly not HD, but I love it. The content that is in HD is nice, but I tend to forget I'm experiencing extra pixels after a few minutes.

While I did finally find an HDTV that shows a noticeable difference, I'm still note convinced I need it. I can switch between compressed streaming video, DVD, and Blu-ray without batting an eye or disturbance. I just don't see the difference being that important; the content is far more important to me than minor variations in picture qualities. Netflix won't be getting an extra dollar out of me so I can tout my Blu-ray-having-ness, that's for sure.

How important is the extra pixels? Gaming journalism seems to nitpick at whether something is really 720p or 1080p or on Blu-ray. If you are happy with the picture, does it really matter? I'm certainly not going to buy the PS3 version of RE5 just because the worthless bonus disc is BD. Give me some real incentive!


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