Friday, August 29, 2008

Notable points on why each console sucks wrote a decent article about all three consoles weak points. My "highly agree"s go to:

360: A better D-Pad
360: Mute button/volume control on controller
PS3: Get a better XMB
PS3: Include an HDMI cable
Wii: Better motion control
Wii: Better memory options

I don't have much to add to his points. I do disagree with HD-DVD and a 360 Web Browser. Unless I can pull up in the Guide blade, I really don't see a use for a browser. I don't use it on the other consoles at all.

Be sure to check his followup on those consoles' strong points. I don't agree with the Web Browsers or Blu-ray, but the rest is solid in my opinion.

Bioshock on PS3, trying to just match the 360 version

It's interesting that 2k is making such an effort to say they are "matching" the fidelity of the 360. All those with PS3 picket signs were expecting graphical improvements and the usual ridiculous expectations because of the PS3 hypothetical magic graphic powers. And Blu-ray is supposed to make everything better right? Wrong.

With my slight PS3 jabs aside, I'm appalled that anyone could expected wasted development time in improving unbroken graphics. It really isn't in the publisher's best interest to do anything but reiterate what they've already put out there. Sure, they are adding a few negligible features, but that's merely to entice those who are already bent on the PS3. In the end, it's about money. That's why exclusives such as Bioshock don't stay as such.

As a final word, both systems are perfectly capable of this impressive game. They will be about on par with each other. Pick your white or black poison, and get on with it. The game is more important than bickering about details.

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Square-Enix-Tecmo? SE moves in

Looks like one of my favorite game companies is putting the moves on another. Square-Enix, in an attempt to give them selves a bigger name is asking Tecmo for permanent tricks. Translated into Realian: They are working on a Tecmo Take-over.

Maybe Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy can be a reality! LOL


My Lulu/Rinoa and Dot's Rikku featured on

Dad and Dot and FFX TatsThanks goes to for posting our Final Fantasy tattoos. We're quite proud of our ink and it's great to share.

Coincidentally, I found out that Dot originally planned on getting Yuna on the other side of that forearm only to realize that her arm is way too small to fit both. LOL

I've semi-decided on getting a full blown Rinoa tattoo on my right shoulder, taken from a screenshot of Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy 2. That'll be my angel and the devil will be an HR Giger ALIEN.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lulu Tattoo completely finished

I noticed that I didn't have a very good picture of this completed tattoo on here, so here it is. Here is the other related posts:

Origin of Tattoo: Tara Nielsen and Final Fantasy

Outline: My Lulu Tattoo

Progress: The End?

Rikku and Lulu: My Lulu tat and my daughter's Rikku tat

Notes: The original fanart was made by Jason Chan ( The Lulu piece can be viewed here. In light of the post about Rinoa and Tara, I had a cartoonist draw up a Rinoa doll to replace the Pupu doll that Jason had originally used.

The tattoo was done by Brandon Lewis at Heavy Duty Tattoo in Riverdale, UT.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hollywood: Free Blu-ray rentals....but not changing my mind

I've watched Resident Evil: Extinction, Batman Begins, and Cloverfield on Blu-ray this week. My local Hollywood Video is running a promotion where any singular Blu-ray rental is free for the time being. I figure if I keep watching DVD's and Blu-ray movies around the same time, I'll start being more impressed with every dork's lavished High-Definition-1080p-surround-sound sensory sex.


It looks a little cleaner, sure. But after a few minutes, you really don't notice it. The same goes for any "flaws" in 480i DVD upscaled video. You really have to pay attention for it matter in my opinion, and I just don't. I'm starting to think Hollywood is doing this free-rental promotion to try to get the ball rolling on rentals since Blu-ray movies are extremely over-priced.

What I have come to appreciate is how much better extra-content is executed and organized thanks to a more versatile authoring approach. The menus are more interactive and interesting if the tech is taken advantage of. It's not super glamorous or a must-have though; most the time bonus content is boring and not worthwhile. And I've still been impressed what can be done with old DVD in that arena.

I do want to make a note on Batman Begins. Originally, I had downloaded this on Xbox Live in 720p. To me, it looked every-bit as good as the Blu-ray version, and it was compressed. Obviously the downside was that I didn't get a physical copy, but as far as quality is concerned, they are definitely comparable.

So until Blu-ray prices match those of DVD, I can't say I'll be purchasing anything else unless it's ALIENS-related. I thought my mind would change after a dozen movie viewings, but it hasn't. None of my friends seem to care about it either. It isn't worth the money; I really think they are going to have to FORCE us into the Blu-ray generation of movies.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rock Band: Where the hell is the metal?

Rock Band is severely lacking in Metal. That *might* be because it's not called *Metal Band*, but the butt-rock, emo, pseudo-punk, and alternative is a bit excessive. And I'm not talking "meedly-meedly-mee" metal. I mean some newer, more complicated, HEAVY type metal. Hell even some simpler stuff from the 90's and early 00's would be good to attack. Some Nu-Metal wasn't actually so bad, like the Deftones.

Something with some irregular time signatures would be nice, too. Guitar Hero 2 touched this a bit with Lamb of God, but there are plenty of options there. Meshuggah, Dillinger, Sikth, etc. These less-popular bands probably have a lot cheaper licensing as well, so they should capitalize on all the metal heads out there that want Living Room glory! ;)

Not to say that RB doesn't have variety, but it is severely lacking in the Heavy department. Throwing in a couple speed metal/thrash songs isn't good enough either. If you're going to do that, they might as well put in Death metal. LOL

Vent complete.

Parents Corrupt Children with Video Games

A recent study shows that 32% of younger respondents say the Mature-rated Grand Theft Auto 4 was put in their hands non-other than by their parents. Could this number grow? Possibly. What weapon do we have to fight the miscreants known as parents?

The game industry apologizes that ratings require parental interaction. What an inconvenience.

[via Gamedaily]


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Easing back in finally: Mass Effect

It's been a while, but I decided to sit down and pick a game to play. A non-Rock Band game that is. The To-Do list is still sizable, and that's just counting games I've already purchased but not really played. The inclination to pick a shooter came about, but I had already beaten Call of Duty 4 and played enough Halo for the time being. I wanted to play Lost Odyssey, but realized I'd probably have to start over because I have no idea what was going on when I left.

Mass Effect seem to compromise between the genres.

My first 20 minutes with the game at launch didn't really do much for me. But then again, no game was grabbing my attention at that time frame. This time around, I ended up playing almost 8 straight hours. The story doesn't seem as epic as a Final Fantasy, but it plays close to home, since it centers around humans and a future that doesn't seem too far-fetched. The interactions are a lot more personal, which is probably the game's best strength. Just walking around talking to people and delving somewhat into the backstory is entertaining on its own.

Lunch has ended, so we'll see if I get around to doing a late-review after I get further into the game.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

WiiMotionPlus shows that the Wii Remote Tech was broken

All the Nintendo-infatuated are getting excited about this "new tech". The problem I have with this, is that it seems like the Wii should have had this out of the gate. Accuracy is a huge reason why I can't stand playing the Wii. Wii Sports lets you be sloppy, but most non-Nintendo games (e.g. Tiger Woods) are uber frustrating because it doesn't respond as expected. And that is regardless of how careful you are. I'm doubtful that all the blame lies in the developers also.

Nintendo has managed to find yet another way to wrangle our wallets open. They are masters at flashes-in-the-pan. Their deception cascades at a perfect rate so that right when we are tired of their wares, they throw in a new peripheral or short-lived game that keeps us hanging on. What a fantastic and genius business model.

One might call this normal, but the PS3 rarely throws out something of value, and the 360 seems to be in a dry-spell. Both companies are aware of their situation and are trying to fix it. Sure, there's some great stuff coming, but right now it seems a little depressing on all fronts.

I have a bad feeling about gaming in general as of late.