Saturday, August 02, 2008

WiiMotionPlus shows that the Wii Remote Tech was broken

All the Nintendo-infatuated are getting excited about this "new tech". The problem I have with this, is that it seems like the Wii should have had this out of the gate. Accuracy is a huge reason why I can't stand playing the Wii. Wii Sports lets you be sloppy, but most non-Nintendo games (e.g. Tiger Woods) are uber frustrating because it doesn't respond as expected. And that is regardless of how careful you are. I'm doubtful that all the blame lies in the developers also.

Nintendo has managed to find yet another way to wrangle our wallets open. They are masters at flashes-in-the-pan. Their deception cascades at a perfect rate so that right when we are tired of their wares, they throw in a new peripheral or short-lived game that keeps us hanging on. What a fantastic and genius business model.

One might call this normal, but the PS3 rarely throws out something of value, and the 360 seems to be in a dry-spell. Both companies are aware of their situation and are trying to fix it. Sure, there's some great stuff coming, but right now it seems a little depressing on all fronts.

I have a bad feeling about gaming in general as of late.


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