Sunday, November 15, 2009

Next Tattoo: Rinoa!

Squall's life was very inward. Trust was a thing to avoid, because people will only fail you in the end if you rely on them. Keep to yourself, trap your thoughts and voice inside. This was his world.

I know that world, too.

Through chance, persistence, and living a metaphorical dance, Rinoa disrupted this world. Her drive was pure, her efforts floundering, but a genuine not everyone gets to fully experience. While Rinoa's wings were tainted of black, they still shone white, and hope kept her moving.

I know that effort.

Since I share these experiences, combat Sorceress Rinoa seems fitting to adorn my side. While these stories are fantastic, they still manage to teach us about ourselves. Sometimes we have to let of what we think keeps us safe, and reach out into the abyss to collect our wings.

The above picture is a mock-up of the intended art and positioning for the tattoo. It represents all these things to me, as to remind me when to step into the fray, and leave doubt behind.