Monday, July 11, 2011

What's up...

Splotching my random thoughts in this blog is "fail" at best. What is this beast that devours my time? I'm cast away in a timeless sweatshop where time evaporates faster than it can rain.

One past proclamation still stands: Video games cannot be a focus at this point. When a grace a console with the E.T. touch, their breath is short-lived. Dabble, dabble, dabble...that's all I can do. For now, my gamer cred has been weakened by by my schedule, leaving me suseptable to mobile-game disease.

The wart's roots are still surface-level, however. Short bite-sized time chunks are what I got, and full-fledged games can't be consumed with the baby-spoon in my drawer.

I do put in a few hours a week with either Black Ops or Halo: Reach. That's what my friends play, but once they disconnect from the Matrix, I follow suit. With a swiftness, I hop over to Samsung Media Play on my TV, and commence getting sucked in to Subbed Anime.

After watching all the Bleach episode movies to date, I've moved on to Inuyasha. The latter fails to have me as "entrenched" so I don't mind missing a few scenes while I do other things. Concurrently, I'm working on the Dubbed Bleach episodes, in hope that my fiancee and step-son can enjoy them as well. The American voice actors sure kill the presence of the individual characters though....and why do most of the male characters sound the same?

Other than that, I'm still training three days a week. 9 - 11 hour work days added to that, and trying to figure out my future family (a story in itself).

I tend to bang out more quips on Twitter, should anyone wish to follow.


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