Sunday, July 04, 2010

Not much...

Well, I've been gaming. But mostly on the iPod. I thought this weekend might give me a little bit of time to return to the old hobby, but I'm just finding other things to do around the house.

My girlfriend will be moving in soon and her 6 year old is obsessed with video games. With 2 Xbox 360s, an Xbox, and 2 Wii's coming with him...there will just be way too many consoles around these parts. Maybe then you'll see me playing again.

I recently purchased a Kickbox to add to my ION Drum Rocker and it was certainly worth it. The stock pedals for the music game drums don't ever seem to feel right. Even the Drum Rocker's own pedal fails at mimicking the correct feel. Since Sigler Music offered one at a much more realistic $40 as opposed to the original's $80 or so, I dove in.

Anyway, I've been signing up for various things lately, and I'm getting annoyed that my handle is being used so often. I guess it doesn't matter anyway, but it's likely these other people use the account even less than I would.