Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm turned. I prefer digital distribution for films.

Since I can't twitter from my location, I'll have to drop a line here. Unfortunately, that means I will have more to say. ;D

I realize that I've been using Netflix so much that I really don't care if I have most movie discs or not. Television series are the perfect example: I don't want to own them in most cases. Streaming them works out great, and Netflix performs quite well on the 360 with great quality on 7Mb. CSI comes in HD, but honestly, it doesn't matter to me either way.

If I had to make a choice, I'd rather have a huge library available on demand at any time then have a huge collection of discs that need to be replaced every decade for "the new thing".

Call me sold. Not quite there for video games, but any more I don't find myself going back to old games; there's just no time. So what good would having the disc be if I always had an internet connection?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Just got the new 360 dash preview loaded

I have to hand it to Microsoft, they are doing a fantastic job evolving the 360's dashboard. While at heart the NXE seems slightly similar to the media bar on the PS3/PSP, the larger item displays make for a more pleasant experience. From here, MS is just refining the NXE and adding useful features.

Since I spend much of my time with Netflix now, it's exciting to be able to browse available movies without relying on the computer. That was about the only gripe I had about the 360's Netflix integration. I should mention that it doesn't allow browsing of everything, but rather just the favorite genres selected at

The next prominent feature is the user ratings. As much as I don't necessarily agree with game ratings, it will help those with limited time weed out the waste-of-times. We use these when shopping online (for me, amazon and newegg), so this is a natural evolution.

The last notable add-in is the games-on-demand. While a few years ago, I may have scoffed at this idea, but I'm so busy I'd rather just download a game than have to go to the store. I find myself rarely replaying games anyway, so not have a physical copy may be weird, but I could get used to it.

The rest of the additions are minor (but welcomed) improvements to the UI, avatars, and settings options.

So what is missing? With all the streaming going around, it's still surprising they can't just stream game videos rather than requiring a download. The option would be nice.

There's still no browser. But I wonder about people who cry foul on this. I'm doubtful the majority of 360 owners would use it. I absolutely HATE browsing on the PS3. It's not practical. I've got laptops and desktops to do that on, with multiple monitors.

I'm still anticipating facebook and lastfm updates in the future as well. For now, its good to see that the 360 is continually moving in the right direction.