Sunday, May 31, 2009

Step aside FF, acronym AVP is THREE letters

Was I saying something about Final Fantasy? Scratch that.

Short gameplay video of new AVP here.

I have a sinking feeling that we'll be limited to playing Predators. I'm sorry, but that SUCKS.

Window shopping but still strolling

With E3 banging on the front door it's difficult not to actually read a few of my RSS feeds. Bayonetta is grabbing my attention with its complete insanity that seems to surpass the bore of Devil May Cry. Haven't we all been hiding our "I love SEGA" bumper stickers for a little too long? It may be time to slap those on our rides if this new bulleted witch blows our mind.

Dead Rising definitely deserved a sequel. Desperately, I think we need to demand that there's no 14-hour-of-play-time achievements this time. Screw that. Other than that, it's time to Ginsu some zombies.

Ghostbusters is also on my watch list, but based on my last year of descending gaming activity, I probably won't buy it any time soon.

As an odd turn of events, I actually find myself more interested in watching movies lately. My past is laden with anti-movie t-shirts and crucifixion of television. However, since I'm training MMA and summertime requires yardwork...I'm finding myself too tired to dive into a video game.

Knowing myself best, my guess is it will take a fantastic game to turn me back. Regardless of the interesting titles coming, I have a feeling it's going to take FFXIII to really resuscitate my gaming.