Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wii outdoing the PS2 respectively? is puffing its chest out over the above graph. As usual, it looks like we are using statistics from Japan.

I'd have to side with several of the nay-saying commenters on the article though. The Wii seems like it will lack longevity, unless it can show games growing/improving like they did on the PS2. That's kind of hard to do when rehashing a last gen console and not finding more exciting ways to use the flash-in-the-pan motion control. The Wii desperately needs some better games; it's hard to imagine that half-assed party games will suffice for the Wii's lifetime.

Nintendo needs to move more software when it comes down to the wire. Unfortunately, nothing they've released recently or plan to release in the future seems that appealing to someone with the other two consoles. Maybe Wii Fit will be the next big thing.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Where the heading "SuicideNinja vs Video Games" comes from

The picture might say it all. Never heard of Bad Dudes? Check out the wikipedia entry. I don't think the source is as obvious as it should have been, and a couple people have asked me about it.

SuicideNinja is obviously my XBL gamertag, and my PSN username is Suicide-Ninja (SuicideNinja is my Europe account I guess...they won't let me switch it). Back when Commodore 64's were still acceptable, I used to go by the moniker of Dragon Ninja. All my custom menu screens and animations were signed with this. Anyway, when I was trying to figure out a graphic and title for this site, the above image popped in my head. Except I wanted Ryu Hayabusa and a wave of video game characters.

And here we are...

New slimmed up Zune is calling to me

Okay, I'm going to have to take the non-gaming route for a second. I just have to say that the new nano-shaped Zune is pretty hot. The only reason I wasn't interested in the original Zune is because of size and I don't need 30GB of music.

I'm not a fan of iPods. I have a 4GB Nano which I bought for $20 several months ago (she got a new one). I use it mostly for running, although I slap it in the car on occasion. My girlfriend's Mercedes does have an adapter built in, which is convenient. But all of that doesn't matter. I hate iTunes, and I hate the touch-click-wheel. Why not just a regular d-pad? And why need music software at all? I just want to dump my music on the device and go. I'll buy my music on emusic or something...I don't need Microsoft's or Apple's respective offerings. To make matters worse...try browsing your files on the iPod after iTunes has messed with it. It's ridiculous.

Online, I read that the Zune's software sucks. However, I'm under the impression that you don't have to use their software. Correct me if I'm wrong? If that's the case I'm sold. The FM tuner is a nice thing to have, and the wireless support is an intelligent addition. And I like the design inaccurate touch-sensitive crap.

Edit: The squircle is touch-sensitive come to find, but it still functions as a directional pad. A touch pad does seem better than a touch circle if it has to be there.

If there are any Zune owners, let me know about your love-hate relationship with your non-iPod. My room mate has an original Zune, and he says he will never go back to 'pods. But I'd like more direct opinions.

Edit 12/29: My room mate just purchased an 8GB Zune. It appears that the software is still necessary *looks down in dismay*. The squircle is touch sensitive per direction but can still be used as a tactile control. Since there appears to be a sale at a local store for a 8GB @ $150...I'm seriously considering it. It works with the 360 much better than the iPod, which is awesome.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

PS3 vs 360 - Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Review

My martial arts background leaves me a little less accepting of the fake sideshow soap opera known as "Professional Wrestling". That said, I must say that collecting the physical form of that sideshow and hurling it into a video game is where it's at. You'd think that the TV show would have been based off a video game...not the other way around with how ridiculous it is.

Anyway, I've got the PS3 and 360 versions in my mitts. I was going to try to try to do a comparison...but the two versions are neigh indistinguishable aside from the onscreen controller instructions. I did notice that the PS3 version had a few more noticeable jaggies, but it wasn't anything horrendous. I attribute this to playing in 720p (PS3 doesn't upscale). The 360 version upscales to 1080p, but the colors take a little hit because of it (but less jaggies). As usual, the 360 version has achievements, so I'd tip in its direction.

Continue reading...

I decided to give SvR the "noob test". I let my button-mashing room mate give it the first go. Since the controls revolve around thumbstick movements more than button presses, his patience wore thin quickly. The controller almost became the next hole-in-the-wall; it was that bad. In short, the game is not noob-friendly, and it does not walk new-comers through on how to play the game very well.

Since I'm more comfortable with the current generation of games, my attitude was quite a bit different. I was slamming and flipping around with Mysterio within minutes. Most of the slams were cringe inducing, more so than expected. It was rather liberating, and it puts a game like Rumble Roses in its place (the forgotten Bargain Bin).

The character models are impressive; the developers captured most of the characters' details. However, uncomfortable polygon collision is a bit common here, along with some disappointing transitional animations. Don't expect much from the crowd either, but we don't' care about the background. The "superstars" are all that matters here.

The 24/7 career mode seems to cover the right bases. There's plenty of modes/match types to keep players going. Beyond that, creating your own wrestler and running the ropes will probably leave for quite a bit of play value. Unfortunately, creating a noob means for some potentially aggravating losses. The dedicated won't have a problem with it, however.

Even though wrestling fans don't have a lot of options for games, SvR 2k8 should fulfil their slamming needs. The character models enhance the experience for those with favorites, and the slams will leave real spectators crowingly entertained. Fans will not be disappointed here in either version of this pummel-fest.

-Excellent detail on character models
-Cringe-inducing moves
-"Legendary superstars" available for play

-Questionable transitional animations
-Not "noob" friendly; controls could be better
-Polygon collision is too common

Resembles/Feels like: An improved version of SvR 2007 with improved features
Rent or Buy: Buy for wrestling fans
Personal Appraisal: $49.99
MSRP: $59.99

Other Opinions:

7/10 (360 version) TeamXbox
7.5/10.0 (PS3 version) IGN
4.5/5.0 (360 version) GamePro
(no scoring system) (PS3 version)

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

PS3 Futility Chronicles: Volume - Lost Count

I've finally had a moment to sit down. The last couple of weeks have been hammering me in and outside of work. Obviously, I've been short on posts during this time.

I did get a weekend poster assignment over at One of my recent posts covered a supposed way to improve PS3 visuals. I decided to try it out once my gaming room was available to me.

This of course led to messing with themes since the background disappeared. That was followed by an update notification (SONY, JUST MAKE IT AUTOMATIC ALREADY!). I compared the old video settings to the new ones, and I can't say I was all that impressed. Maybe I was bothered that my "Full HD" PS3 wasn't upscaling to 1080p like my 360 does.

Well, after the update, I figured instead of turning on the 360, I'd try to use the PS3's media streaming capabilities. I've used them before, and I can say that eternity is the name of the wait. This time however, the songs wouldn't even come up after the unpleasant wait. I know the folders aren't empty. I'm looking at them on the PC right now. Why is it so slow?

At least Drake's Fortune's demo finished downloading while I was playing the Heavenly Sword demo. That was about the only highlight of today's PS3 practice in futility. And said Demo didn't even play with any sound!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Nintendo DS: Drawn to Life Review

Would-be mini-artists may perk up when hearing of putting their stylus stylings to the test. The premise of Drawn to Life is rather simple: draw your hero character and a few environment items and put them in a 2D platformer. The idea is intriguing enough, although non-artists may not have as much fun with the concept.

Drawn to Life puts the player into the perspective of a world-creator. As a creator, the player interacts with a previously created world. Naturally, dire times have come forth, and the inhabitants beg for help.

From there, the player creates a hero character and sifts through dialog to get to the platform part. Much akin to Mario, the created hero jumps, stomps bad guys, and collects coins. Along the way, the player will need to draw up their own platforms and weapons to move along. Aside from that, there's not much deviation from the familiar formula of the platformer.

Continue reading...

The best part of the game is getting involved in drawing up the hero and environment objects. Unfortunately, once these things are put into play, they have little allure other than a self-pat on the back for your artwork. Overall, the game is rather simple, leaving for much younger-crowd appeal. However, experienced players will be yawning in minutes.

If you like to draw or create graphic art right down to the pixel, then pick up this game. If you are looking for an original experience, you may wan to divert your attention elsewhere. Drawn to Life is worth a try in any case.

-Tools for creating characters/objects are quite functional
-Control scheme is simple
-Characters/objects can be modified later

-The gameplay is repetitive
-The animation on the created hero leaves much to be desired
-The dialog is far from intriguing

Resembles/Feels like:
Playing stripped-down draw-your-own-Mario.

Rent or Buy: Rent
Personal Appraisal: $19.99
MSRP: $29.99

Other opinions
6/10 @
7.9/10.0 @ IGN.COM
3.5/5 stars @

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Widget Time: MX vs ATV: Untamed

I love these little widgets; they can provide a whole guff of info in such a small space. Hopefully we'll see more of them in the future.

There's a certain allure to this game; I've played a few of its predecessors. I find motorcross bikes and ATV's more interesting than those safer steel cages known as cars (there are off-road trucks and rails, too). Not to mention that dirt is far more amusing than pavement in my opinion.

The games comes out on December 17th. If dirt tracks and off-road vehicles are your thing, keep an eye out for this one.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Upcoming Reviews: SvR 2K8, Drawn to Life, COD4, Mass Effect

My plate is full. Yesterday I acquired several games, so the next month or so should be stuffed with gaming time. Thankfully I was able to price-match Circuit City's $39.99 COD4 offering at Wal-mart. It would have been hard to purchase it at full price knowing that CC's deal existed. Unfortunately, CC's sale ended yesterday for those who missed it.

I've not had a chance to boot into Smackdown vs Raw, but I've played the others for a little bit. Drawn to Life is an interesting concept of "build your own mario" that functions quite well. Mass Effect is gorgeous, and I look forward to checking out the story. COD4 immediately seems worth its unending praise; it is so intense that the game is amazing even just to watch.

The last half of this year has just been a dream for gaming. So many high-profile quality titles have come that it should keep us busy through spring. Halo 3, Mass Effect, COD4, Bioshock, Orange Box, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, etc. I'm left relieved that some other high-profile titles have been delayed. We'll need the extra time to get through all of the current titles!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wii: Wireless Nunchuck!

Contrary to the opinion of the post-writer, I think this is great. I don't like the tethered 'chuk.

An answer to this problem is upcoming from Nyko. My wallet is waiting.

PS3: Folklore Demo impressions

Seems like another Enchanted Arms failure.

Immediately noticeable was the lack of voice acting. The use of semi-animated story-panels in an RPG should be illegal. Immersion isn't happening here; prepare to fall asleep during cutscenes because it's too quiet. Sure, quality games in the past haven't needed voice acting, but this is Blu-ray and next gen. There isn't an excuse.

Even worse, the developers used motion-control during battles, which leaves the player shaking the controller. It's outright silly and out of place.

Where are these JRPG's that all my antifans were boasting about? This is a poor example. The reviews are better than expected, but they seem to be more interested in the artistic elements rather than the gameplay itself ("repetitive" was used a few times to describe it).


10 7 things wrong with the PS3

To compliment the last post, I'll review the 10-list against the PS3 from the same source.

#1 Price: Yes, the PS3 is expensive. It does do a lot, but unless Blu-ray is more important than gaming, then it's not worth it. The $400 model out now makes it more digestible if you don't care about the BC that Sony bragged about this whole time.

#2 Marketing Madness: The advertising for Playstation in general has gone south. It's been full of over-ambitious crap even before the console was released. Plenty of lies and sweeping things under the rug. And the television advertising is confusing and unfocused.

#3 SIXAXIS: No rumble and useless motion controls. No game has taken good advantage of the motion controls; they need a game to succeed like Wii Sports did. SIXAXIS does have fantastic battery life and the best d-pad, but the form-factor is dated for today's analog-stick-dependent games. It's great for those who aren't ready to move on, but the 360 controller and Wii Remote/Nunchuck far surpass it.

#4 No Gamerscore: Although I like the gamerscore idea, this won't matter to anyone who doesn't get into online play and competition among their peers. I think the Achievements themselves are what shines, not the gamerscore. I find the challenge of some of the achievements motivating enough to get more replay value than normal. Home should fix this issue. I'm going to subtract this from the list. -1 from the 10-list

#5 Holding out on Developers: Expensive dev kits, lesser tools, slow to provide kits and support. I would subtract this from the list, but it affected the console by leading to delayed games and shoddy ports that make the competition shine.

#6 System Updates Suck: Amen. Amen a lot. In the face. They hit the nail on the head here. Updating the PS3 is the most difficult of all three systems. They did finally fix the having-to-connect-the-USB-cable problem, but the whole process is a joke when the 360 updates itself fast and the Wii can update itself or be updated manually with minimal clicks.

#7 40GB SKU with no BC: Yes, this seemed like a dumb move, but I can't say it's a problem. It doesn't compare to the idiotic introduction of the 360 Core system in stupidity. BC is nice, but games are still better played on their originating consoles. Notice that the 360 BC complaints died down? This shouldn't be on the list, because it fixes #1, which was a real issue! -1 from the 10-list

#8 Middleware issues: This is the consequence of moving to far away from what Developers have time for and are trained in. Remember that they were able to make due with the PS2's "emotion engine", which was also out there. However, the tables have turned because of the 360's early introduction. With the way the industry works now, Sony didn't dump enough into development to make their oddball processor manageable before the reputation damage was done.

#9 Online: This should be clarified. They say the online navigation is fugly in comparison. The navigation is bad, but it does look nice. Unfortunately, trying to jazz up the visual presentation comes at the cost of speed. And slower-to-render pages leave for an annoyed consumer. It's also more difficult to surf through content in the Playstation Store compared to the Marketplace. Even Nintendo's Virtual Console store is more effective. Again, they couldn't be more right on this one.

#10 Alienating hardcore gamers: I don't know about this one...I think that hardcore gamers are the only gamers interested in the console. It costs too much for a family experience like the Wii, and it's too complicated for your average consumer. I'm taking this one off. -1 from the 10-list

There you have it. 7 bads for both he 360 and the PS3.

10 7 Things the Xbox 360 does wrong

My expectations were not met with gameplayer's list of 360 problems. 10-lists are usually highly controversial, but my assumptions that all 10 would be at least semi-legit were wrong.

Let's Take a look at all 10:

#1 Hard Drive not standard: I agree %100. The core was a dumb idea. Originally, they were concerned that consumers wouldn't want to pay $400 in the beginning. They were wrong hands-down. Console launches generally sell out, and people will pay whatever it takes to get what they want.

#2 RRoD: I agree that this was unacceptable. My launch console RRoD'd a year later, and my room mate's 6 month old console did the same. Our replacements have been fine ever since, although my Elite HDD was bad out of the box. Still, I've had more problems with DRE PS2's in my life-time than Xbox 360's. And I've played the 360 way more than I ever played any of those PS2's.

#3 Noise: I can understand why those who don't use a home theater system would be annoyed by this. I never notice the noise unless it is dead silent in the room. I run a cheap 500 watt RCA system, so I don't notice it. Point taken.

#4 Controller Sign-in: This point is misaligned here. Signing in with controllers makes sense if you have multiple players with their own accounts. This allows them to get their own achievements and statistics. My profile is stored on a memory card for this very reason; I play on other 360's all the time.

The true problem: developers not allowing "guest" sign-ins. Some games allow this, others don't. Halo 3 is an example of a game that does. Rock Band when not quick-playing does not. -1 from the 10-list

#5 Bad UI/faceplates are dumb: I like the interface; it's fast and effective compared to the PS3 Store's interface. The XMB doesn't always tell you what buttons you need to press and the location of core actions aren't always obvious (updates for example, changing accounts, passwords, etc).

Faceplates are fine, and their existence doesn't negatively affect the gamer. I find the PS3 to be an ugly taco looking device that needs the aesthetic customization much more. -1 from the 10-list

#6 Wifi separate and is expensive: This does suck for those who use it. Wired is ALWAYS preferred (more reliable connection, and a faster connection to your router), but it's not an option for everyone. I wouldn't mind having the adapter, but I won't pay $100 for it. I'll just use my original Xbox adapter.

#7 Multiple SKU's: This relates to #1. Really, the only thing they shouldn't have done is the Core. Nothing is wrong with the Premium or Elite in my opinion. The hard drive should have been standard, and it would have eliminated this point.

#8 OS Locked: It's obvious why MS would want you to use MS encoding for video streaming/etc. Vanilla XP does work with .wma, which is fine with me. It can be inconvenient, but the issue isn't that big of a deal unless you are a media whore.

#9 Xbox Live Costs Money: Yes it does, but not the $80 a year they claim in the article. I pay $50 or even less if I find a deal on ebay. It's been worth it so far. PSN and Wii Connect have been awful experiences in comparison, and they are free. They are prettier, but they are slower and take more time to browse the content. The Wii doesn't even have online game support for the most part. I can't discount this complaint, but it's not a reason to avoid an xbox 360.

#10 Rare complaints: This is just reaching for something to add to the list. It's relevance to this 10-list is highly questionable. -1 from the 10-list

Within reason, this has become a 7-list. While some argument could be thrown around on the remaining points, they are valid for the most part.

Red Octane getting mouthy on Rock Band Guitars

Before I even comment on Red Octane puffing their chest out, I'm going to give my opinion on the Rock Band guitar vs the Guitar Hero guitar.

Is the Guitar Hero 3 controller better than the Rock Band controller? Overall, I'd say yes. I've since rescinded my foul perception of wireless and have decided it is the way to go for the game. The controller feels solid, good plastic, good button response, and it comes apart for storage.

The one failing of the GH3 Les Paul is that the pickbar shape, like every other Red Octane controller, sucks. The triangular design is nothing like a pick, and it can't be used effectively WITH a pick. The pickbar is solid and usable, but a thinner, easier-to-hold bar is much more effective.

The Rock Band guitar is usable, but it has plenty of issues. The plastic looks ridiculously cheap. While the button design was a good idea, it is not friendly to chord changes because its easier to accidentally press the wrong button in transition. To add to that: the cord seems short, the whammy bar juts out too far, and the pick bar feels sloppy.

Good points on the Rock Band guitar: the solo buttons and the pickbar shape. While it takes some getting used to, the solo buttons don't require picking and make faster passages easier. As far the pickbar, it's shape makes way for the use of an actual pick, which has helped me immensely on triplets. This is almost impossible to do precisely with the Guitar Hero controller.

Looking back at the road ahead, it appears that Red Octane shows no interest making the Rock Band controller work with GH3. Essentially, they suggest that problematic controllers aren't worth the effort.

Eurogamer 360 vs PS3 Round Six: 360 wins.

I'm about to try out the Folklore Demo on the PS3, and while I was waiting for it to "install" I pulled up this showdown out of my RSS feed list.

We've seen similar things in the past; they compare screen shots and talk about the (usually) minor difference between games. A common theme here is that the 360 version is better over all or edges out just because of the added value of achievements. Graphics are generally a stalemate, although the same couldn't be said for performance.

Slightly unrelated, but I can say that the 360 experience is seamless, whereas the PS3 experience is slow and awkward. Both have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, the 360 seems to offer the most value. I think we have a small legion of PS3 owners waiting for that change.

Gotta say something good: PS3 Themes are better

The consensus at loot-ninja is that the PS3 has the better themes. PS3 themes don't cost anything, and the icons are customizable. Even better, there are already sites providing pre-made themes.

On the 360, you can customize the background picture and select a blade style provided out-of the box, or you have to pay for full themes with multiple backgrounds. From there, all you can do is mix and match the blade-backgrounds. The worst part about it is that you can't preview the theme on the 360 before you buy it.

While the importance of themes is very low in my world (I've had the Bullet Witch theme since that game came out), all points of the article are valid.

Note: I decided to go try it out and booted up the PS3. What a mistake. Even with a keyboard and mouse the browser interface drives me nuts. It's slow and awkward. Somethings are just better on a computer.

PS3: Good for password cracking

Wow...I still add this to the pile of things that the PS3 is good for. Unfortunately, the best things to do with the PS3 don't involve gaming: Blu-ray, Linux, Password-cracking, folding-at-home, Media Functionality, etc. Hopefully gaming will be in that list someday.

There's a project behind the password-cracking idea called "Crackstation" for those who are interested. Note that the PS3 is a good candidate because of the Cell processor, which is best used for crunching numbers rather than it's purpose in the console.

"Intel processors are designed to do all kinds of complex calculations, whereas the PS3 is good at doing simple things very quickly."

5 RPG's for the Xbox 360 to look for's spin on the Xbox 360's world is that there are 5 RPG's that could "turn the tide" of the role-playing fan's world. I will admit, I'm looking forward to Lost Odyssey and the Last Remnant (also on PS3). However, the other three will have me waiting for comments and reviews.

When it comes down to it, the 360 needs Final Fantasy XIII. That would be the nail in the PS3 coffin. I dislike everything about the PS3 in its current state, but I still bought one in anticipation of FFXIII. I likely won't use it for anything else, so I hope the game isn't as disappointing as the last 3 installments (FFX-2, FFXI and FFXII).

In short, I don't agree with the premise of the article, but the overview on the games may bring some new info to light on what's coming.

Condemned 2: Lookin' Awfully Good (screenshots)

The new Condemned 2 screenshots over at are impressive.

The original game was definitely an experience; I'd put it above Resident Evil 4 as far as tension and scare tactics go. There were a couple instances when I had to stop playing for a minute because they "got me" in high tension parts.

I highly doubt this game will get any easier on the senses. *pins it on my radar*

Xbox 360: Another D-pad fix

I say "another" because I came with a fix a year ago. The fix at takes a different approach by sanding out the surrounding plastic.

I'm not seeing how this would help because the d-pad would still be floppy and have that "push-button" type feel. But the fix seems fairly easy so it might be worth a try. I would go for it if I had the special screwdriver. Maybe both fixes combined will finally make the 360 pad perfect as it should be?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Using Review Scores to make purchasing decisions

I found an article on BBPAS about the KnL drama between Eidos and Jeff Gerstmann. The situation doesn't really interest me enough to dig into, but I did want to comment on how ridiculous it sounds.

Kane and Lynch itself isn't a terrible game, but it certainly isn't deserving of it's ad campaign or a reviewer losing his job. The game is average at best, whether Eidos thinks so or not. They can attempt to portray KnL as some deep and involved game that should sell out, but it is far from it. I'd rather play Jericho by a long shot, and it gets about the same review scores with no advertising.

The question comes up: do review scores affect your purchase?

In my case, it does somewhat. However, I don't rely on one source or even just reviews. I talk to my fellow gamers and check out comments on the internet. Right now, I'm thinking about getting Mass Effect, but all the mixed reviews mention some of the same negative aspects that lead me to think that I won't like it. These points made on the game are from both good and bad reviews. We have to do our homework in order to get the most of our gaming dollar.

Speaking of just reviews, I can sum this up by saying the content of the review is more important than the actual score. This is part of the reason why I don't use a star or 10-point rating system in my reviews. A game such as Resident Evil 4 was great once-through, and it deserved its rating for that respectively. But the game's overall value is low to me since the replay allure is limited. A game like Halo has a mediocre campaign, but the multiplayer is stellar, leaving increased value via replay. Even still, a solid game like Bioshock doesn't have multiplayer but is good enough that I want to play it again, so it has value.

I want my readers to keep this in mind when reading my reviews. If I appraise a game $29.99, that doesn't mean the game is horrible. It could be a fantastic game but it is too short to justify full MSRP price. Resident Evil 4 is a good example there.

Feel free to post any comments on the reviews-to-purchase relationship.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Xbox 360 vs PS3: Smackdown vs RAW 2k8 Review coming

Looks like I finally get to do a comparison review on a Xbox 360 title vs its PS3 counterpart. It's a good thing since my PS3 was trying to build its own coffin from being abandoned so long.

I've not been much into wrestling games in the past, but last years SvR title was impressive enough to grab my attention. I found that the graphics make a big difference. The visuals in combination with freedom from the physical realm actually makes the moves more believable than the stunts performed in the real world.

I should be getting my review copies soon. Check out the widget posted above for more info on the game.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Site is fixed and what I've been playing.

I formated one of the prior posts wrong and it removed my sidebar content. I found the problem so everything should be back to normal.

I know I've been quiet since Rock Band, but I have been playing. I just completed all of the achievements for my long-time favorite Streets of Rage 2 (XBLA).

Before that I was working on the Kane & Lynch multiplayer achievements. However, I've given up. The achievements require that Fragile Alliance be WAY more fun than it actually is, and the stats seem too incomplete to properly track what's needed. Aside from that, getting disconnected from games is annoying. If a game fails to get setup, why not automatically try another? Instead, you get booted all the way out to the title screen. Eidos, what the hell.

I also took the extra time off and finally beat Bioshock. I can see why people are disappointed in the ending. It's brief, that's for sure. But it was the "bad ending", I made the mistake of not harvesting one of the little sisters. I've not really decided if I want to play through it again any time soon.

That about sums it up. Hopefully I'll have more time to report more stuffs.