Saturday, December 08, 2007

5 RPG's for the Xbox 360 to look for's spin on the Xbox 360's world is that there are 5 RPG's that could "turn the tide" of the role-playing fan's world. I will admit, I'm looking forward to Lost Odyssey and the Last Remnant (also on PS3). However, the other three will have me waiting for comments and reviews.

When it comes down to it, the 360 needs Final Fantasy XIII. That would be the nail in the PS3 coffin. I dislike everything about the PS3 in its current state, but I still bought one in anticipation of FFXIII. I likely won't use it for anything else, so I hope the game isn't as disappointing as the last 3 installments (FFX-2, FFXI and FFXII).

In short, I don't agree with the premise of the article, but the overview on the games may bring some new info to light on what's coming.


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