Saturday, November 17, 2007

Xbox 360: Kane and Lynch: Deadmen Review

I wasn't planning on playing Kane and Lynch anytime soon. The trailers were rather amusing, but nothing in particular caught my attention about it. My room mate decided to buy and blast through the game this week, and I decided to participate.

It took a grand total of 10 minutes before this game had me wanting to play Gears of War. I think GoW's 3rd person style sank its teeth into my mind, so playing another 3rd person shooter that plays even remotely similar left my mind elsewhere.

Is Kane and Lynch similar to Gears? Not really. It goes for a much more "realistic" environment and story, and that comes with prison-mate appropriate dialog (that is hilarious for the wrong reasons). While KnL is a little over-the-top, it's believable enough. However, it comes at the cost of being just another shooter that lacks that "epic" feel.

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The controls for KnL may throw some seasoned players off. Duck is delegated to the left bumper, and focusing is done with the trigger. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the duck was a toggle-type, so I had myself holding my hands awkwardly the first couple of levels. After that it was fine, especially after figuring out that the stick-buttons weren't necessary to switch weapons (you can use the d-pad)

The presentation was delivered in spades. The graphics aren't anything memorable, and the environments leave a lot to be desired. The AI isn't very bright either; you'll find comrades running directly into bullets. On the other hand, the destructible environments are always a welcome addition. The dialog has its moments, and complements the story well.

After playing through the game, I can say I enjoyed it, but it didn't make me want to go buy the game. The plot is standard mafia-type business with a few twists, and the gameplay doesn't bring anything spectacular to the table. However, sometimes that's not always a bad thing; sometimes familiarity can be pleasing. That's how KnL left me feeling.

If you want a solid co-op game to play with a buddy, or just want to play an entertaining game to grab some achievements, KnL is for you.

Following Orders:
-Destructible environments aid the feel
-Co-op mode reveals the other perspective
-The game plays well after learning the control scheme

Take your pills and focus:
-Unnecessarily awkward control scheme
-Aside from Achievements, not much replay value
-Lacks an epic feel; some moments should have been more tense

Resembles/Feels like:
A little Grand Theft Auto, mixed with a Gears of War play-feel, and topped with a bit of Hitman.

Rent or Buy: Rent or Bargain Bin
Personal Appraisal: $29.99
MSRP: $59.99

Notes: The lack of online co-op, unimpressive graphics, and limited replay value even with multiplayer hurts the value of the game. Halo 3, Orange Box, and Bioshock provide more for the gaming dollar.

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