Friday, November 09, 2007

360 sales did WHAT to PS3 sales last week????

This is short-term news and Xbox fanboys should keep their pants on.

Although the source is biased, it appears that Koreans are digging on the 360 multitudes more than the PS3. Unfortunately, we don't have any numbers to go with, but only the staunched PS3 fanboy would dismiss this so quickly since PS3 sales are poor all around.

In Japan last week, Xbox 360 sales increased %580 percent, edging that weeks numbers over PS3 sales by a couple hundred. While their slim win isn't that impressive, the increase in sales is. Apparently, Ace Combat is nothing to be scoffed at.

Just imagine if MS gets the right Japanese-targeted games out...Sony might as well drop PS3 development and start working on their PS4 comeback. But that's an unhealthy amount of speculation. Remember, it is still too soon to count anyone out yet; Sony has high-profile exclusives coming next year, MS still sells strong even with hardware problems, and the Wii, even with its lack of quality games, is spearheading this generation. This war never ceases to be interesting, that's for sure.


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