Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another PS3 update...why do we care again?

Thankfully the above "theme" isn't a default (at least I hope not). Talk about rainbows and...well...gross.

I guess we are at yet another another firmware for the backburner of a console. Everytime there's a new firmware, I'm more interested in what firmware I actually have on my PS3. How many updates have I skipped? Honestly...I have no clue at this point. I'm pretty much waiting for Home, which has been delayed until next year. Oh, and Final Fantasy XIII, that has no ETA.

Sony can update all the firmware in the world, but they just don't have any exclusive games that justify owning the console right now. I thought I might pay more attention to the PS3 once my Elite 360 HDD didn't work out of the box. But there just isn't anything worth wasting my time with on the PS3.

Sort of related, but not really: For some CRAZY reason, I want to sell off my 1.5 firmware'd PSP and buy the redesign. I don't have time to mess with the useless hacks available with the firmware, and I want to just hook the damn PSP up to a TV (the screen camera option sucks, so I need a new PSP). And I'm tired of going through hassles just to keep the old firmware and be able to play new games. If any of you homebrew addicts are lookin' for a 1.5fw PSP, let me know. I'm definitely selling...or I'll trade straight across for the new model.

Sony...why I still give them money is beyond me.


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