Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So...who's still in denial about the PS3?

Another article has come to fruition about the hassles of developing for the PS3. This time it is from an ex Harmonix dev. The inevitable "But Guitar Hero's graphics suck, so why listen to this guy?" Whether going for a graphical wonder game or a solid multidemographic game, these guys still code. If coding was easy, everyone would be an XNA addict.

Anyway, it sounds like more porting hassles and all-around "waste of time" as we've heard from higher-profile devs.

If Sony has to beg 3rd party developers to stay on board, then they are not doing well at all. I just see this as a cascading problem as the result of an over-ambitious Ken Kutaragi. Too much Tech, to much expense, and too little time. The world doesn't cater to these things like it used to; it moves too fast.

Don't count Sony out yet, but I have little faith that the PS3 will make the dramatic impact that Sony had hoped.


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