Monday, October 15, 2007

Out for the week, which means I can catch up!

I'm headed to North Carolina for work this week. This also means I will have several post-work hours of freedom, so I can weed through recent news and get caught up.

I'd love to announce this is post 777, but that was the last one. I wanted it to be my Halo 3 review. I know it probably isn't needed, but people still ask me "How is it?" all the time. That means "do it anyway" to me.

Unfortunately, I've officially had to chalk Microsoft down a few notches. After waiting a month for my Elite Data Transfer Kit, I found out that my 120GB HDD is bad. I haven't even used it yet! Customer service was great this time around, but I felt they should have offered me expedited shipping on the exchange. It's only been about 45 days since the original purchase.

This leaves Microsoft just above Sony in my book. The only thing keeping them even is that they have solid gaming services and the better games. I do have to wonder how well the PS3 would fair if I actually used it. It seems like a quality product hardware-wise. The software is a joke thus far though. Nintendo needs some software, too.

I better go.


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