Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm not dead and I haven't forgot about this place

Hello, all.

A myriad of things are keeping me from updating this site right now. Google Reader isn't coming through at work again, which was my main source of info. I've switched to use IE but I forget about it so there will be an adjustment period.

Work is still rather busy...I've had this open for 2 hours and am just getting back to it.

At home, I'm not even finding much time to play Halo 3. If you see my username online, it's probably my room mates. I was able to get through Heroic the other night, mainly because one of our players was too scared of Legendary (it's not as bad as Halo 2, I promise). I'm trying to play through Legendary solo while I fix my computer.

I did get to see the Jericho demo. That game is hot...I like the female character with the samurai sword. They've changed up the FPS formula quite a bit with the character roles and the premise behind controlling them. It's kind of like the Geist-idea, subtracting posessing rats and trash cans. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.

For some reason, my PC freaked out the other day and lost drivers for my add-on cards and Windows decided it was no longer a valid copy? Yeah. Anyway, after struggling with getting it to consistently boot, I found that my PCI cards were not fully inserted. That must have happened when I was swapping power supplies to test an old one (I rarely open my case). Windows was screwed in anycase, and my sysprep image was failing because of the RAID setup. It's been a mess, and I've been too busy to sit down and get it done. There's just so many damn updates and software packages I have to install.

My new setup uses RAID0 with two 80GB SATA drives (160GB total). There's a 40GB partition for Windows and Program Files, and I decided to go with an 80GB as a temporary staging area. I can use this to temporarily install programs or to run ISO's with Daemon tools so I don't need to fumble for CDs all the time. I also have a 120GB drive for Data, and a 150GB drive for backup storage (both on removable IDE trays). This is probably way over complicated for how little I use my computer, but I rarely lose data or have problems, so why not?

Anyway, getting that back in order hasn't been the best...especially when I can only spend an hour at a time since it's happened. I even hooked up my 360 to my secondary monitor's secondary port (that sounded funny). It helped pass the installation time.

Lunch is over...I'll try to get back into the swing of things soon. I keep saying that, but it'll happen!


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