Friday, September 07, 2007

Square-Enix not amused with Sony's poor advertising

It looks like the good ol' SE might be getting hesitant. Square Enix President Yoichi Wada wants Sony to pick a solid marketing strategy. Understandable, seemingly how Final Fantasy XIII is likely the biggest FF undertaking thus far (isn't the current one always?). They are going to want to see some returns for their game.

Commenter Crono, put it best:

This is the biggest problem with these all in one devices. They spread themselves too thin and end up alienating all their customers. As a multi-media/blu ray player, the PS3 is average. Its not the best thing, but its not the worst either. But as a game machine, its currently not the best, and its overpriced if you're going to use it just for gaming. It ends up having no target market.

Well put, Crono. I totally agree. I don't know what the hell my PS3 is supposed to be. Currently, the console doesn't appear to do anything very well. Sure, it plays Blu-ray, runs Linux, plays games, browses the web, and has media center functions. I'm glad it has all these features, but most of the time I'm already getting those functions performed by other devices. And the non-multifunction devices generally do their respective jobs better.

The main purpose of my purchase, which is gaming, isn't being fulfilled yet. There are no games I'm itching to buy for it. The second main feature of Blu-ray hasn't impressed me enough to start purchasing $20+ BRDs instead of sub-$20 DVDs.

While I obviously like the PS3 the least of the current generation, I still want them to at least compete better. We don't want Nintendo or Microsoft to completely take over...or we'll have 3 companies screwing us hardcore.

We'll see if Sony's chess game can improve. I'm guessing they underestimated the competition...and you'd think they would have learned from Nintendo's mistakes when Sony usurped their spot.


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