Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cynical look at Bioshock has merit

"What?" you say? Bioshock is supposed to be "perfect", right? Well, we all know a 10/10 doesn't really mean perfect. And naysayers are always abound. There's plenty of naysayers from every fanboy corner of the triangle.

Knowing this, I wasn't expecting much of this review to be worth discussion. Turns out that I'm the cynic!

Points worth noting:

*Bioshock is quite linear
*Bioshock doesn't provide a penalty for dying
*Bioshock has fallible concepts at the base

Regardless of it's shortcomings, the feel of the game was pulled off well. The same type of complaints same could be said for other popular games as well (think: Gears of War). But that game was pulled off well (sans glitching in multiplayer).

Nothing's perfect; someone will always remind us. But Bioshock's downfalls hardly prevent the game from being great.


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