Friday, August 24, 2007

PS3: Heavenly Sword not impressing?

IGN UK apparently provided a lower-than-expected score for Heavenly Sword: 7/10. This is bad news since the PS3 is desperately clamoring for a triple "A" exclusive. HS was assumed to be one of the first masterpieces.

By most standards, 7/10 is an average game. The review cites fantastic graphics but boring gameplay. This is along the lines of my feelings based on the demo.

It's the kind of problem that persistently arises during Heavenly Sword: throughout you can't shake the feeling that you're playing a tangled mess of brilliant ideas desperately failing to wrestle themselves free from some incredibly misguided implementation.

It looks like the SIXAXIS motion controls are annoyingly forced again:

...steer your projectile through the air at a target via the SIXAXIS motion sensors, it's ultimately a fairly shallow addition to gameplay and quickly becomes tedious and repetitive...

So far, I've just decided that motion control is great for the Wii, bad for the PS3.

When it comes down to it, the turd is polished; high scores for graphics and audio. But crappy gameplay still comes out of anus it seems.

Even worse, Edge gave it 6/10. It also appears they gave Fatal Inertia a 6/10 as well. The demo for that game was horrible, so...

Sorry, Sony. Blu-ray doesn't make games better. Developers do.


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