Saturday, July 28, 2007

PS3: Heaveny Sword Demo - Too short, not great

My previous post was about the PS3's uncanny ability to cause a gamer to wait and get annoyed. There's more. After remembering the Heavenly Sword demo was probably downloaded, I returned to find that there was more waiting. The demo had to be "installed". The process was somewhat short, but it seemed like an eternity. Not once have I had to install a demo on the 360, with the exception of FFXI (which makes sense).

Question to Sony: If the PS3 is so great...why is there so much damn waiting involved with it, in-game and out-of-game?

An unrelated side-note: my room mate can't figure out how to sign in to my other account. I had to show him how irritating and non-sensible the process is. Apparently his Ninja Gaiden save is under my European account.

To the media who claimed this "isn't Goddess of War", I have a hard time agreeing. The mini-games are there, the blades on chains are there (not the main weapon), and the combat format is quite similar. However, there is no jump or block button, which is annoying as hell. That means there's probably not going to be much of a platform element. But I can say this game will most likely be multitudes harder than God of War (read: back off, "noobs").

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The graphics aren't quite as expected, but they are better than what we've seen for the PS3 so far. Nariko's pores show up during close-ups, just like in Dead Rising. Aside from that, nothing stood out. I'm sure the final product will be cleaned up heavily. To answer the inevitable question: Nothing indicates this game couldn't be run on the 360.

One HUGE complaint is that the SIXAXIS motion control was forced into the combo system. Who the hell wants to shake the stupid controller in the middle of a combo? How long do you shake it? Can you turn that crap off? Developers, if it isn't natural, then don't bother.

After playing the demo...all I can think of is that the "install" was just decompressing the download. This demo is short. So short in fact, that it fails to sink any hooks in to make you want the game. Ninja Theory is going to have to give a little bit more next time. It's a new IP, which needs to show it's individuality; this demo fails at that. Only the full game can reveal if HS has what it takes.

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