Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catching the PS3 news on the run

My room mate is playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma at the moment. The game is really..."pretty". My only complaints are that Rachel looks like she has a stick up her ass when she runs, and the boob physics are silly. NG is still a great game, but after playing it on the Xbox a few times a while back, NGS doesn't really bring enough to the table to justify its purchase for the experienced. To those PS-fans, pick up the game you missed out on years ago. And I must say without joking...that they "noobified" the game to make it a little bit more accessible (even in non-Ninja-Dog mode).

My "starred" items in Google Reader are going back to two weeks ago. I was on my business trip back then! I've also joined a band again, which is taking up my time, and spending quality time with old friends. Here is yet another attempt to "catch up". We'll start with the PS3, which seems to be the usual.

I would say Sony's product portfolio has had more to do with holding them back than the price point of the hardware itself. -Mark Beaumont, Capcom Europe

The above quote is the truth. I always glance at the PS3 section, and don't see anything compelling that's not already (or going to be) on the 360. They are fixing the problem, but the fact that Final Fantasy XIII has been delayed so long makes me fully regret the timing on my PS3 purchase.

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It probably doesn't help that their higher-paid staff is getting ally emo-whiney about their product.

But then we can turn this rollercoaster around and hear that Heavenly Sword is going to be a solid game that isn't "Goddess of War". It sounds like a little mix of Mortal Kombat: Deception, God of War, and Ninja Gaiden. And that's OK; all those games are great.

It looks like the PSP is finally getting a slim version as well. Check out the comparision here. I can't say I'm excited, since I don't use my PSP. But PSP-lovers will be all over it.

Back to the dark side, it looks like Universal is sticking with HD-DVD. I don't see why Blu-ray supporters are already assuming Blu-ray has won. Neither has won. The majority of people still don't care. But it's good to see the more open product with fierce support.

And back up: PS3 sales are up 135%. That's got to show there are people hanging out waiting for a realistic price.


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