Thursday, July 19, 2007

PS3 getting attention in the market...mine literally has cobwebs.

There's much to be stressed about in life, and these stresses are stealing the bread from my gaming market. There's so much news I want to cover, but time has faster legs than I do.

One thing is for sure, although the console war rages on in the market, it's already decided in my living room. I took a close look at my PS3 the other day, and found that it had some cobwebs on it. There's dust over the power "button". I guess we're kind of tired of the Ninja Gaiden thing...we've played it too many times. The Wii fares better, but it only sees action when we have plenty of guests. Both consoles have yet to provide a compelling game that entertains for more than an hour at a time. Since the 360 gets used every day, whether it is by me or my room mates (who have access to all three), it's the clear winner here.

However, the news for the PS3 is getting more positive, which is good for Sony. Sales have seen a spike since their 60GB clearance sale. This holiday season will finally grant the PS3 some games as well. Blu-ray seems to be sucessful (in context, not in the overall movie scene).

I constantly see attacks on the 360's quality, which is understandable. But the guff of games are on the 360, so if the hardware hiccups are keeping people away, they might as well not play anything for now. The PS3 and Wii sections in stores might as well be empty. I doubt these hardware problems will be too severe of an issue; Sony made faulty PS2's for the majority of the console's life cycle, yet people kept consuming. The 360's new-found unprecedented 3 year warranty will be more impressive than a deterrent. To me, that's stepping up to the plate. My refurbed console is good for another 2 years now.

I'm starting to doubt the Wii, although it's still selling through. While a round of bowling or tennis is great...other types of games just aren't translating to motion control very well. It's been very disappointing so far, and I can only hope that Metroid Prime 3 is as awesome as I'm expecting it to be. I'm finding that I'm definitely NOT the target audience for the Wii, which is proper. However, it leaves me questioning whether it will be anything more than a party console. If people complain about graphics on the 360 and PS3...then the Wii is a complete mockery.

If anything, does "different strokes for different folks" become the cliche that will define this generation? All three consoles will be strong throughout the war...but being without a definitive leader has to be a historic mark in the industry.


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