Monday, July 09, 2007

Amazon Xbox 360 and PS3 sales spike...what are consumers watching?

It looks like consumers are at least temporarily executing their interests in the current generation of consoles. PS3 sales are reportedly up 2800% (28 times) on 360 Elite orders are up 1800%.

The obvious correlations are the PS3's price cut and the 360 Warranty Extension. These sales spikes seemed to happen right after these events. Are consumers on stand-by waiting for the PS3 to be affordable? Did an unheard-of 3-year console warranty instill confidence in potential 360 consumers?

My question is, what else will drive sales for our gaming kings? A few high-profile games definitely wouldn't hurt the PS3's efforts at gaining ground. But maybe more price cuts are needed, even if possibly unrealistic. Maybe a Blu-ray solid win would be convincing enough. What about the addition of rumble? What are potential PS3-owners really looking for?

One could guess that the needed 360 price drop would spur sales. Will news such as the cooler 65nm chips and other new guts also give rise to 360 sales? Or possibly the "right" exclusives? What would deter further sales? How important is advice to avoid the 360 overall?

A lot of questions...but time stands in the way of answers. Most likely there's a group waiting for any one of these events or multiple events to occur before they drop the paper or plastic and move into the newest gaming worlds. As for me, I'm waiting for 65nm chips before I upgrade to a 360 Elite. If any readers are still waiting to make the jump to PS3 or 360, what's holding you back?


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