Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sony gets hardware right this round; exclusivity is via R E S P E C T

Various store managers are reporting little no failures for PS3's and Wii's since launch, while sticking with the 25-33% failure rate estimates for the 360. It should come as no surprise that Sony made strides in quality after the DRE fiasco. And Nintendo continues to make solid products.

Sony also seems to be believers in "respect" in the terms that they "earn" exclusives. This comes about because of the number of titles "previously known as exclusive to PS3" have gone over to the white side. Check out the timeline. A noble response indeed, but the question is: Does the average consumer care? Likely, many don't care where they get their Assassin's Creed, DMC4, VF5, and Katamari at.

And in other news, some are finding it odd that Sony isn't attempting to "bring E3 home" as Microsoft will be doing for the 2nd time. There really is no excuse; Sony has ignored the consumer at the wrong times in the war thus far.

Still, the PS3 isn't ready to go without a fight.


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