Sunday, July 01, 2007

Idiot blames HD-DVD buyers for problems

I was expecting a solid article here, but I was sadly mistaken. I guess you can't expect much from someone who posts at

Benefits of HD-DVD:

Less copy-protection (no BD+)
Better picture (never used lesser codecs like Blu-ray has on some movies)
Guaranteed to have continued DVD backwards compatibility (companies want to get out of DVD ASAP)
Hyrbrid discs can help in the transition (Blu-ray won't do it to avoid licensing)

Blu-ray benefits over HD-DVD:

More movie studios are currently backing it
10GB more per layer (however, it leaves it more hypersensitive to dust/fingerprints)

Furthermore, HD-DVD just makes more sense all around for the context. These two formats really are just middle-of-the-road, that cost over twice as much as what we have now for a marginally improved picture. We either need a more "obviously beneficial" format or digital distribution needs to be able to satisfy the general consumer.

In the meantime, check out the biased article from Microsoft that is surprisingly truthful. Microsoft is also attempting to grow the HD-DVD library. Just add water movies?

As I reminder, I'm not a huge movie fan. However, if I had to pick a side, the choice is obvious. From the background behind both formats, I would go with HD-DVD.

I do have a PS3 and a few Blu-ray movies, and have been quite unimpressed. While I do not personally have an HD-DVD player at this time, what I have seen has been solid, even on televisions with lesser specs than my own.


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