Thursday, June 21, 2007

30% Failure Rate in 360s (in the beginning, not now)

Smarthouse brings the report.

Wow. No wonder Microsoft skirts the failure issue so much. Even I've been through a couple of repair instances with my 360 and a room mate's. I had no complaints with my repair procedure, but my friend was given hell because his was back when the 360's only had 90 day warranties. MS fixed it when they extended the warranty for everyone. I guess "at least it didn't take them a lawsuit to get in line" like it did with Sony and PS2 DRE. In either case, both companies really should have fixed the issues sooner.

For the record, mine failed at about 12 months right after an update, and his failed at about 6 months right after that same update. Ironically, they paid for his shipping, and not mine. The $8 didn't hurt me, but the principle seems a bit out of whack. I remember Sony trying to charge me $40 to fix a PS2 that was IN I have a difficult time stoning MS for it. As I always say, Nintendo waxes them both by paying for everything and being prompt with no hassles.

One thing to clarify about this article is that the 30% figure is from an EB games employee in reference to the time after launch. The headlines going around blogs are making it sound like this is a confirmed failure rate across the board even up to today. Most likely, this is not the case, since they also say it's slowed down since then.

According to Microsoft there is no problem with the Xbox 360 despite Smarthouse receiving over 100 emails of complaint.

One problem with this is one website receiving "over 100 emails" doesn't mean anything with 11 million consoles on the market. What we want to know is how many returns they have done. Maybe someone can investigate with Fedex/UPS and see how many return boxes have come out of Microsoft? Then we'd have some solid info.


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