Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blu-ray vs HD-DVD...not looking good

It's already starting to happen. Blu-ray is becoming the winner in a potentially losing battle. In either case, HD-DVD may not be able to meet Blu-ray at the finish line, whether there are bystanders waiting or not.

We can pretend that HD-DVD is still fighting the fight with news that most UK retailers prefer it as the HD format. Toshiba is even dropping prices on their players in what seems like the right direction. Some critics understandably use old news to give HD-DVD a recommend.

Reality seems to be kicking in, however. With a preference begrudgingly to Blu-ray, The Digital Bits says either Blu wins or no one does. In this article, they make the affirmation that HD-DVD WILL NOT WIN. This put some smile on PS3fanboy faces.

Said article is written so well that it's hard to argue. I agree with them. While it's not impossible for HD-DVD to make a miraculous come-back, it's unlikely. Universal is more likely to give in than the other studios joining them. With heads lowered, let's accept a potential future of too much copy protection, probable cut off of DVD backwards compatibility, and Sony misusing their power of standard format.



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