Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Metroid and Halo and Next Gen oh my?

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much for uber-exciting news today. That's okay.

Check out the Metroid Prime 3 screenshots. Mmmmm...tastes like

It looks like there is some footage of the new Halo 3 Banshee. This week...I really wish I could play even Halo 2. But my friend only has a modified Xbox; you best believe I'm not signing on to Live with that.

The Japanese have been figured out, supposedly. The Xbox 360's power brick makes the console entirely worthless to them. Good do they feel about the goliath PS3, which is simulataneously ugly and ridiculously heavy? At least you can hide the power brick and leave the important part showing. I still wonder about when the PS3 power supply hard will it be to change, and how much will it cost?
(no PS2 comparisons, took much less power to run)

Continue reading (Blu-ray ambition, Itagaki vs PSP/360/DS etc...)

It seems like people keep changing their stance on the PS3. Michael Pachter, an analyst who previously voted for a PS3 victory, is now saying that Sony was too ambitious with Blu-ray in the PS3. I completely agree, not only because I think HD-DVD is the better product overall, but because the high price of the PS3 is ridiculous AND unnecessary. But honestly, I would have rather paid the same if the product had better functionality out the's still a pain in the ass to use even with the recent updates.

Last, but not least, our favorite drunkard Itagaki (Team Ninja) has some interesting words in his latest interview. He still isn't interested in persuing PS3 development, and apparently he thinks that fans don't want PSP versions of their goods. His thoughts are that the PSP is a console type of experience, and they couldn't replicate a true console experience on the PSP. I would tend to agree. Besides, like he mentions on the DS, portable systems require a different type of game, geared for portability. Most PSP games are not that way. I know this is one reason why I didn't bring my PSP on this business trip; I brought my DS though.

He also reminds us that he is still committed to the 360 and is currently working on a title for it.

What I also find interesting is Itagaki's lack of interest in putting the old NES Ninja Gaidens on the VC and XBLA. The choice is not his, but I don't really see why he would have a negative attitude toward the idea. Sure, look forward, but don't ever forget what got you there. Personally, I think they should do remakes of the original trilogy in Ninja Gaiden: Black format. That would be sweet.


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