Monday, May 21, 2007

Call me a liar. I'll be doing posts on my long lunches!

(No that's not a picture of me. But I do wear a hard hat at work sometimes.)

I'm hanging out in the lunch room of Reston, Virginia's Learning Tree center. They are swell enough to provide these internet kiosks for me to use for the seemingly long one hour lunch I'm currently on. Now I don't have to go back to my hotel to do any of this. Anyway, if your employer ever wants to send you to training, consider Learning Tree. They've been taking care of us, and keep it as hands-on as possible.

Since I'm solo on this trip, there's really no point in cutting off the blog for the week. I have a couple of hours of free times after hanging out with my friends, so I really have no excuse.

As for gaming, I played Tetris DS for a little bit but got tired of it. I'm hoping my friends will let me borrow Guitar Hero 2 for the week (and their PS2). If not, I've got a laptop with some games on it. Unfortunately, the latop battery is it drops from 72% to 5% in about 3 minutes. So I'm tethered.

I'm thinking about burying myself in the spaghetti of roads around here and finding a store to buy Final Fantasy 3 and start playing that. Now would be as good of a time as any!


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