Friday, May 18, 2007

PS3 sales sucked in April....a lot (NPD)

PS3 sales worse than predicted - PS3 Fanboy

Nintendo of course, totally dominated with their casual and cheaper gaming options (read Wii and DS). The PS3 sold half as much as the Xbox 360, putting it at the bottom of the new gen heap. Have the tables turned between Nintendo and Sony?

Nintendo DS: 471K (10.9 million total)
Nintendo Wii: 360K (2.5 million total)
Sony PlayStation 2: 194K (38.2 million total)
Sony PSP: 183K (7.4 million total)
Microsoft Xbox 360: 174K (5.4 million total)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance: 84K (35.7 million total)
Sony PlayStation 3: 82K (1.3 million total)
Nintendo Gamecube: 13K (11.7 million total)

Microsoft Xbox: N/A

It looks like PS2 sales are dropping, too. There really hasn't been any hot releases in the Playstation world as of late either.

Overall, when perusing GameInformer and EGM, last months games were horrible. A lot titles scored less than 8...more than usual. I'm sure that may have attributed to the results we've seen above. Guitar Hero probably helped out the 360, especially since the PS2 version has less songs and the graphics suck on an HDTV.

No victory cries deserve to be thrown at these results...even from Nintendo. We are already in the slow period of the year, so the real meat will be this Fall, when all the high-profile titles make their appearance.


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