Thursday, May 17, 2007

Business Trip for me next week, little to zero posts likely

I'm taking a trip to VA which goes from May 19 to May 27th. While I will have access to a laptop, I'm going to use "vacation" as an excuse not to post that week. I'm doubling the trip to visit good friends I have out there, so I'm assuming my time will be limited.

However, who knows? I may get bored and pump one or two out. It really depends on how my days go over in Virginia-land.

Otherwise, I again apologize to any readers for my lack of elaboration on a lot of the news over the last few months. My job has taken most of my time and I'm not able to edit or spruce up most of my posts. I hate the fact that I only have time to shove a link on here, say a word or two, and move on. But when I get home, I try to go out or get gaming, effectively avoiding computer interaction at all costs.

To anyone that still swings by here, I'll see you after Memorial Day! Thanks for visiting.


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