Tuesday, May 15, 2007

360 gets bigs props and heeded some warnings/suggestions

GameDaily BIZ: Opinion: Xbox 360's Keys to Victory

Great article, and I can honestly say I agree with most of the points:

Microsoft needs:

*Wrestle more high-profile titles out of exclusivity
*Make a Halo 3 Xbox

I'm not so sure about the "free online". I worry about over-advertising and less motivation to stop hacks/cheats. Free accounts become to easy to create, and however they track boxes can be modified.

I've noticed that once money is removed from the equation, services usually degrade in quality. I'm sorry, but PSN in its current state is a joke...and I have my doubts about how well Home will be in practice (judging from failed claims on the PS2). PSN looks nice, but the controls are clumsy and the interface is crowded. The lack of real mouse support doesn't help it either (the design begs for it).

While I'm glad PSN is free and home is interesting...I would never pay for those services. With XBL, I'm happy to, because it's reliable and the community makes it worth it.

Microsoft has no time to rest...if they want to "win" this war, they need to get cracking, and continue to get the jump on Nintendo and Sony.


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