Friday, May 11, 2007

Team Xtender: real-wood PS2/360 guitar, HDMI adapter, white XFPS

Team Xtender

Lots of interesting products from Team Xtender available and coming up.

The most interesting news is the "XFPS Mini Guitar". As explained on their news page, this will be a half-sized controller made of "real guitar wood" for "authentic" gameplay. From the explanation, my guess is that it is actually a PS2 guitar hero controller, but it actually works with the XFPS adapter (unlike the stock GH PS2 guitars). Sounds like a must-have to me.

Second in line is the mythical Xbox 360 [proprietary A/V port] to HDMI adapter. We've heard about these several times in the past, but have never seen one. Maybe Team Xtender can be the first to get one working. Unfortunately, they claim it's only good for up to 1080i. That means I'll still be buying an Elite down the 65nm road.

Lastly, it looks like they have a new XFPS with more X/Y axis sensitivity controls. And it's white to match the console (unless you have an Elite). Sweet! Not really...I've not been using my black one lately. But I haven't been gaming a whole lot.

Anyway, hopefull Team Xtender comes through.


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