Friday, May 11, 2007

Virtua Fighter Team begged to make a 360 version

PS3 VF5 Team Begged To Make Xbox 360 Version | Xbox 360 News: More Microsoft News Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

This is good to hear. I'm glad devs are getting smart and spreading games to other consoles.

An interesting quote from the article (about developing for 360 vs PS3):

Microsoft software development kits, for example, were very well put together and they were also very helpful in responding to our requests and in supporting the team. From a developer perspective, that made things a lot easier. -Yoshihiro Tsuzuku

This makes sense, and I always echo these thoughts. Microsoft helps developers by not wasting their time with difficult tools or making them do common tasks manually. Hopefully Sony can improve their dev tools in the future.


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