Friday, May 11, 2007

Tony Hawk is in trouble? Good. Here's Skate.

Joystiq on Skate: watch your back Tony - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Skate sounds great so far. The one problem with Tony Hawk is the game was made with the PS2 controller in mind. Now that we are in an analog stick gaming world, the old control scheme just isn't keeping up. Not to mention it was getting a little ridiculous.

Utilizing a unique control scheme (which is best described with this tutorial video) that mirrors real skateboarding, Skate mostly breaks down to the two analog sticks: left for your body and right for your feet. Still busting both bones and boards to this day, we hardly needed a run through of the controls before we were hopping stairs and nailing tricks. The simplistic beauty found in Skate not only means that anyone should be able to pick it up, but those who actually do skate will appreciate just how naturally everything feels.

I'm hoping Skate will bring skating back to it's roots via video game.


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