Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Microsoft update = Painless (yes, that's a stab at the PS3)

Today's Spring update reminds me why I absolute HATE using the PS3. Today's update seemed to take less than a minute; it was quick, I didn't have to go to the "update" section, nor did I have to plug in my wireless controller. I didn't have to pretend to read any legal agreements or wait for a ridiculously long download because their servers were busy.

It told me there was an update, I selected yes, and moments later I had new features and was at my dashboard, ready to go. Then again, some people think the extra effort is just fine for their extra $200 (and have no sense of humor).

Sony, get crackin' on Home. And user-friendliness would be a BIG plus, especially for a $600 console.


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