Wednesday, May 09, 2007

360 giggles and points at PS3, Apple TV

Engadget has fun with 360's new video codecs - Xbox 360 Fanboy

"The new dash update brought with it some spiffy high definition codecs and Engadget has given them a test drive. With fresh 1080p support (at up to 10MBps) Engadget declares the Xbox 360 the new king of streaming video, effectively shoving the Apple TV into the deep recesses of an ancient couch."

That's if only I could get full screen VGA on my TV. Oh well...I'll just wait for the 65nm Elite. Or live with 1080i...which seems just as good to me...

I've not seen anything for streaming out of the PS3 (that doesn't involve the PSP)...does it even exist? Or do you have to duplicate your data on the PS3 (because it's already on your PC)? I do know that playing custom tracks is pittiful on the PS3 compared to the 360. If the PS3 does have this capability, it's not obvious, and I'd imagine the controls and menu are horrible anyway.

Good job on the home media, MS. But I'm still not buying Media Center. LOL


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