Monday, May 28, 2007

Catching up and the PS3 guff

It's good to be home. Virginia isn't my favorite place in the world, but it was good to see my old friend and get away from Utah for a while. The Learning Tree course I took was fantastic, and I look forward to returning there in July.

I actually ran out of time during the last few lunches and I didn't want to pay the $10 a night for wireless access in my hotel room. That's why I've skipped a couple of days. But I'm back, and I'm going to try to lump together this weekend's exciting news per console/manufacturer.

We'll start with my least favorite system, the PS3. Of all the households I visited in VA with my friends, I'll have to say that NONE of them wanted a PS3. They all had original Xboxes and Wii's, and were holding out on buying a 360. The PS3 wasn't even in question...and this is coming from IT professionals who are very into tech gadgets. That says a lot, I think. Oh, and they are not even close to Microsoft supporters...we're talking Unix, Linux, Java, and C users/programmers...all with (hacked) PDA phones and Media Centers.

On a side note, they weren't totally nerdy either, LOL. We watched the UFC fights on Saturday, and it was blast. Thank God somebody planted a good one in Chuck Lidell's face finally. I hate that guy.

That said, the PS3 sounds like it's getting some cool points lately:

Continue reading about PS3 cool points...

It looks like the PS3 is now upscaling PS2 games, and doing a good job. When you check the link, you might think that "oh, the upscales look blurry". Actually, they don't look blurry in person, and the big plus is that IT REMOVES THE JAGGIES. The PS2 is notorious for horrific jaggies (jagged outlines of characters and environmental objects). It's one reason I can't stand playing the PS2 version of Guitar Hero...because the 360 version is much less jaggie-tastic. But you won't be playing GH on the PS3, that's for sure (not compatible).

Since Sony's previous idiot-statement of, "We look at rumble as last gen," yet now they are including it sometime this year. My take? It's about f-ing time. They've needed it all along (thinks to previous Shadow of the Colossus screen shots).

It also look like some UK'ers are thinking more Blu-ray, which I personally find as bad news, but it's good news for Sony and the PS3. I think this is mainly because people have seen Blu-ray but not necessarily HD-DVD. The latter is the better product, but Sony has the industry muscle to put the clamp on the competition.

However, on the negative side of things, someone reached and is suing the Blu-ray companies for patent infringement. Notice the irony of "IP Law 360" in the article. *snicker*

Also, it looks like a Bank of America analyst is thinking the PS3 needs a $200 price drop to be successful. I'd be inclined to agree. My question is, what would Microsoft do if this happened?

On probably a desperate stab, Sony is planning a "counter-assault" on Halo 3. I guess SOCOM, Lair, and Heavenly Sword are titles that are supposed to compete with the FPS juggernaut. I can't help but laugh...because even if Heavenly Sword is won't compete with the relentless Halo players. Same with SOCOM...which I find an inferior shooter all around. Give me FEAR, Counterstrike, AVP, or Call of Duty...SOCOM is a joke. Good luck with that Sony.

And lastly, it looks like someone finally agreed with me on the Xbox and PS swaps in market position. I've been saying this for a while, but someone finally compiled a decent article on it. It just makes me wish I could take this hobby more seriously. Anyway, whether this prediction happens or not, depends on how well the exclusives on either side are received. I have little faith in MGS4 to be honest...and SE going multiplatform with FFXIII would be far from a surprise. I think Microsoft has what it needs to proceed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Metroid and Halo and Next Gen oh my?

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much for uber-exciting news today. That's okay.

Check out the Metroid Prime 3 screenshots. Mmmmm...tastes like

It looks like there is some footage of the new Halo 3 Banshee. This week...I really wish I could play even Halo 2. But my friend only has a modified Xbox; you best believe I'm not signing on to Live with that.

The Japanese have been figured out, supposedly. The Xbox 360's power brick makes the console entirely worthless to them. Good do they feel about the goliath PS3, which is simulataneously ugly and ridiculously heavy? At least you can hide the power brick and leave the important part showing. I still wonder about when the PS3 power supply hard will it be to change, and how much will it cost?
(no PS2 comparisons, took much less power to run)

Continue reading (Blu-ray ambition, Itagaki vs PSP/360/DS etc...)

It seems like people keep changing their stance on the PS3. Michael Pachter, an analyst who previously voted for a PS3 victory, is now saying that Sony was too ambitious with Blu-ray in the PS3. I completely agree, not only because I think HD-DVD is the better product overall, but because the high price of the PS3 is ridiculous AND unnecessary. But honestly, I would have rather paid the same if the product had better functionality out the's still a pain in the ass to use even with the recent updates.

Last, but not least, our favorite drunkard Itagaki (Team Ninja) has some interesting words in his latest interview. He still isn't interested in persuing PS3 development, and apparently he thinks that fans don't want PSP versions of their goods. His thoughts are that the PSP is a console type of experience, and they couldn't replicate a true console experience on the PSP. I would tend to agree. Besides, like he mentions on the DS, portable systems require a different type of game, geared for portability. Most PSP games are not that way. I know this is one reason why I didn't bring my PSP on this business trip; I brought my DS though.

He also reminds us that he is still committed to the 360 and is currently working on a title for it.

What I also find interesting is Itagaki's lack of interest in putting the old NES Ninja Gaidens on the VC and XBLA. The choice is not his, but I don't really see why he would have a negative attitude toward the idea. Sure, look forward, but don't ever forget what got you there. Personally, I think they should do remakes of the original trilogy in Ninja Gaiden: Black format. That would be sweet.

Monday, May 21, 2007

360 thumb keyboard leaves me thinking Jaguar controller

...but I'm still buying it. A full keyboard is great, but my wireless keyboard has crappy range and batteries running down is annoying. This would alleviate those problems for short blippy messages.

Remember the unwieldy Jaguar controllers? This attachment leaves the 360 kind of looking like it, all though this brief review says it feels great.

What do you think?

Halo 3 Beta kicking ass and taking names

It's no wonder the pre-order numbers for this game are so high. I wouldn't be surprised if the Beta increased the current numbers by 25% or even more.

Some gamers at gameworldnetwork were surprised at how fun the game is (a couple didn't like Halo 2...weirdos). It's yet again not a surprise that they got a bit sucked into the Beta. It's between Halo 1 and Halo 2, but feels way more solid than both in the controls and play.

The beta has well over half a million games logged within 24 hours, and that number is bound to be perpetual until they pull Master Chief's IV out of our arms. It has taken the reins of the "Most popular XBL game" horse. Learning about even more features such as the 4-player co-op has me even more excited.

Naysayers, is your time of denial limited? Can you avoid talking about this game?

Metroid Prime 3 gets dated FINALLY!!!

To my morphing delight, I've found that Metroid Prime 3 is coming out August 20th.

As I've mentioned before, this game is the real reason I purchased a Wii. Did motion control interest me? A little. In practive, I've come to find it fun, but not as "amazing" as people make it out to be. I think the Wii's biggest problem is that developers aren't getting the necessary accuracy out of the Wii remote to make it less frustrating when playing games that demand precise control (FPS, Tiger Woods, etc.).

In any case, I over-played Metroid Prime 1 and 2 on the gamecube. Those two games made buying the console worth it to me. At first, I shunned the idea of 3D metroid...what a mistake. I hope the Wii controls allow for a new and interesting experience, and I hope that multiplayer is still good and will be improved on this outing.

When I get MP3 and RE4 for the Wii...I might actually shut up about the 360...until Halo 3 comes out of course. Thank god...we've been a bit short on games for all the consoles. The last game I couldn't put down was Dead it's been a while.

Call me a liar. I'll be doing posts on my long lunches!

(No that's not a picture of me. But I do wear a hard hat at work sometimes.)

I'm hanging out in the lunch room of Reston, Virginia's Learning Tree center. They are swell enough to provide these internet kiosks for me to use for the seemingly long one hour lunch I'm currently on. Now I don't have to go back to my hotel to do any of this. Anyway, if your employer ever wants to send you to training, consider Learning Tree. They've been taking care of us, and keep it as hands-on as possible.

Since I'm solo on this trip, there's really no point in cutting off the blog for the week. I have a couple of hours of free times after hanging out with my friends, so I really have no excuse.

As for gaming, I played Tetris DS for a little bit but got tired of it. I'm hoping my friends will let me borrow Guitar Hero 2 for the week (and their PS2). If not, I've got a laptop with some games on it. Unfortunately, the latop battery is it drops from 72% to 5% in about 3 minutes. So I'm tethered.

I'm thinking about burying myself in the spaghetti of roads around here and finding a store to buy Final Fantasy 3 and start playing that. Now would be as good of a time as any!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Timeshift deserves attention according to Kotaku

Impressions: Timeshift Makes Me Shift My Pants - Kotaku

I had to sneak this one in before I left.

Crecente sounds excited for this one, which is a good sign. As described, the summary of his post screams, "Holy S#!+! someone figured out an interesting time manipulation mechanic!"

It sounds like instead of simply slowing time for everything, Timeshift is setup so everything and everyone around the protagonist is affected by slowing, stopping, or reversing time. It can be used to cover your tracks (break a window, then reverse time to fix it), steal weapons from stronger opponents, or use the environment in reverse time to recover a mistep (float back on an object that fell earlier).

They even figured out how to do multiplayer without playing an entire match in slow-mo, but still having the power via grenades.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one, that's for sure.

I'm off kids. See you after Memorial Day!

I must sullenly walk off into the night, preparing for the business trip ahead. Why glum? No gaming, other than the DS I've forgotten about for about a year now. Maybe the PSP if I feel like lugging another thing around. Maybe some emus on the laptop. But without the 360 will be an odd one for sure.

At least when I come back, our boat will be ready and we can get some water time in. And maybe I can get a PS2 on board when we pack in for the night. Guitar Hero "on the water", eh? Or *gasp* buy a 3/4 sized guitar for some real playing.

On the bright side, my airport escort sure is a hottie. LOL

Heavenly Sword - New Gen version of God of War

SGD '07: Joystiq hands-on with Heavenly Sword - Joystiq

From their sounds like it. I still want to play it and see if it competes with Ninja Gaiden. Either way, I'm buying both games for the PS3. That's read that correctly. LOL

Modders' Xbox 360s banned from Live - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Modders' Xbox 360s banned from Live - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Good riddance. It's what those assholes get, because they're likely users that modded in Halo 2 to be pricks. This is MS's retaliation, and they deserve it.

PS3 sales sucked in April....a lot (NPD)

PS3 sales worse than predicted - PS3 Fanboy

Nintendo of course, totally dominated with their casual and cheaper gaming options (read Wii and DS). The PS3 sold half as much as the Xbox 360, putting it at the bottom of the new gen heap. Have the tables turned between Nintendo and Sony?

Nintendo DS: 471K (10.9 million total)
Nintendo Wii: 360K (2.5 million total)
Sony PlayStation 2: 194K (38.2 million total)
Sony PSP: 183K (7.4 million total)
Microsoft Xbox 360: 174K (5.4 million total)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance: 84K (35.7 million total)
Sony PlayStation 3: 82K (1.3 million total)
Nintendo Gamecube: 13K (11.7 million total)

Microsoft Xbox: N/A

It looks like PS2 sales are dropping, too. There really hasn't been any hot releases in the Playstation world as of late either.

Overall, when perusing GameInformer and EGM, last months games were horrible. A lot titles scored less than 8...more than usual. I'm sure that may have attributed to the results we've seen above. Guitar Hero probably helped out the 360, especially since the PS2 version has less songs and the graphics suck on an HDTV.

No victory cries deserve to be thrown at these results...even from Nintendo. We are already in the slow period of the year, so the real meat will be this Fall, when all the high-profile titles make their appearance.

My Halo 3 Beta Impressions (I sold out)

I sold out and bought Crackdown from Wal-mart last night. I felt too left out, and I wanted to antagonize DemolitionNinja, since he cannot use his right hand for a month (he just had surgery). It's all in good fun, and he's actually really happy he got to see the game. Neither of us can wait for the real deal come September 25th.

Here is a good comparison video between H2 and H3. The only problem is that at low resolutions, the differences aren't quite as obvious as they should be. But I have feeling all the gamers bitching about the graphics aren't using HDTV's, or at least aren't using good HDTV's.

First of all, plan to have the controls SCREW YOU UP. You will press X multiple times to reload and it will fail. Most actions have been delegated to the bumpers, which is obnoxious at first. After a few minutes with the new controls though, they make complete sense and are a huge improvement over Halo 1 and 2's. Being able to reload individual guns while dual wielding is more awesome than one might give it credit for. Using the bumpers as much as possible also allows us to keep our right thumb on the analog stick, which is a huge plus.

The graphics? Definite improvement, although those looking for Gears of War quality will probably be disappointed. In all honesty, H3Beta looks like a solid PC shooter graphically. Next Gen is so...shiny...

The Audio? This is where the biggest problem lies for me. Even with the volume turned up on the surround sound...the game is eerily quiet. In Halo 2, we get used to subtle background noises, whether it's birds, water, or footsteps. I don't think the sound team got their mits on the multiplayer demo. Don't get me wrong, it is in surround...but there's not as much noise as we're used to. The voice work seems to be a notch under memorable compared to H2.

The Gameplay? Awesome. Some of the cheap tricks from Halo 2 seem to have been alleviated, such as the swipe trick, noob combo-ing, and beat-down lunging. The Shotgun has a more realistic range now too...although I did come across one instance where a near-point-blank shot didn't kill an opponent that was immobile looking the other way.

The man-cannons are much better than the portals. I always hated the cat-and-mouse through the portals. They are definitely dangerous though...SNIPED.

Territories is actually setup leaps and bounds better. Instead of a single round where both teams are fighting for individual territories, it has become a multi-round game with offense and defense. The defenders have to protect ALL of the terrorities while the offenders have to try to get them. To score, the offense must capture territories...which takes a significant amound of time to do (a minute or more per plot...didn't time it). Once a territory is taken, it's locked's a score.

Thanks for fixing that horrible playlist, Bungie!

Some reviewers had some grips about the new weapons and special "grenades". Unfortunately, they are right about the spike grenades...they aren't as cool as they should be. Resistance's spike grenades are a much better design IMO. Although spiking someone in the back of the head my first try was liberating.

Grenade trajectory has changed as ricochets on the wall next to me to get a person persuing me doesn't seem to work. That makes sad. The new trajectory is kind of a mix between H1 and H2, which is actually a good thing...but adjusting will be difficult.

The portable grav-lifts will make for some interesting games I think...

Well, after playing the beta, I now know how the Halo 1 supporters feel. H3beta feels so different, that I was almost quick to reject it (although some H1'ers still reject H2...not sure's less cheap in a lot of aspects). But once I dug into it on the third game or so...I was hooked. Bungie is doing a fantastic job so far, and I can't wait to see the final result.

The part that sucks for that business trip next week...I won't be able to play for 8 days. *sigh*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Halo 3 Beta players exceed Halo 2 players

The King is Dead! Long Live the King! - TeamXbox

Wow...that's actually surprising. Either a lot of people bought Crackdown or there is a huge interest in Halo 3 since it's older brother is 2+ years old now. I'm thinking a bit of both.

Tretton does his job: Great year for PS3?

GameDaily BIZ: Tretton: This Will Be a Great Year for PS3

We'll see. If he said otherwise, it would be a real shocker.

I recommend heading over to They have a slew of info on upcoming PS3 games. Heavenly Sword is probably going to be the most talked about of the exclusives coming out. : Sony Promotes PS3 with Project Gotham (Again) : Sony Promotes PS3 with Project Gotham (Again)

Car manufacturer Kia is currently running a promotion with PlayStation in Spain that compares the thrill of driving one of their real-life motors with the thrill of driving a Ferrari Enzo on your PS3. Except no PS3 game has a Ferrari Enzo in it.

Wow...gotta love it...

Matsuura: PS3 is a fat kid, Xbox 360 has baggage

Matsuura: That PS3's Too Damn Big - Kotaku

Masaya Matsuura is the creator of Parappa the Rapper. His words may not necessarily be the biggest, but his thoughts claim the PS3 is.

Matsuura doesn't play the lack of PS3 games or its high price tag. He says the Japanese consumer needs a smaller unit. The PS3 is just too large, and likewise, the AC adapter for the 360 is too large as well.

Judging that the Wii seems to be on top for the moment...maybe he's right?

Famitsu gives Forza 2 straight 9's, beating GT4?

This week's Japanese magazine news (sponsored by Square Enix) - NeoGAF

A NeoGAF user by the name of duckroll posted some scans of the lastest Famitsu mag. While the concentration of the post revolves around Final Fantasy, there's an easily missed nugget of goodness at the end:

Review scores (thank Jonnyram!!!):

Hoshigami - 6,6,7,6
Shin Lucky Star Moe Drill - 7,4,7,6
Touch Detective Osawa Rina 2.5 - 8,7,7,7
Kurikin Nano Island - 7,6,7,8
Kekkaishi - 6,6,7,7

Bleach 4 - 8,6,7,8

MOH Vanguard - 7,7,7,6
State of Emergency Revenge - 7,6,5,4

PS3 & 360
NBA Street - 7,7,7,7

Forza 2 - 9,9,9,9

Wow...that's higher than Gran Turismo 4 (straight 8's under "Weekly Famitsu")...

Peeing on the PS2 has consequences, but was probably worth it

Dumb: Moron Pisses On PS2, Gets Electrocuted - Kotaku

Oh...he was from Wyoming. Yeah, since my father is from there, I've been a few times. I'm not surprised at this now...

Anyway, whether obtaining a PS3 or not, peeing on a PS2 should be done anyway. Just don't leave it plugged in. Be sure to smash it and burn it as well, as being the most popular piece of junk electronic device in history (or is that the iPod...I lose track).

Update: This is decidely a sham...but still funny nonetheless

Last couple of days entries...wrong blog

Whoops. I need to figure out how to make this blog my default. On the rare occassion I make a post to another messes up my routine! LOL

I recreated my recent posts just now.

Business Trip for me next week, little to zero posts likely

I'm taking a trip to VA which goes from May 19 to May 27th. While I will have access to a laptop, I'm going to use "vacation" as an excuse not to post that week. I'm doubling the trip to visit good friends I have out there, so I'm assuming my time will be limited.

However, who knows? I may get bored and pump one or two out. It really depends on how my days go over in Virginia-land.

Otherwise, I again apologize to any readers for my lack of elaboration on a lot of the news over the last few months. My job has taken most of my time and I'm not able to edit or spruce up most of my posts. I hate the fact that I only have time to shove a link on here, say a word or two, and move on. But when I get home, I try to go out or get gaming, effectively avoiding computer interaction at all costs.

To anyone that still swings by here, I'll see you after Memorial Day! Thanks for visiting.

Halo 3 quickies while the Crackdowners wait

Heavenly Sword 90% complete - Multiplayer add-on a possibility - PS3 Fanboy

Heavenly Sword 90% complete - Multiplayer add-on a possibility - PS3 Fanboy

Probably good news. It sounds like HS will be getting some multiplayer action, which is a grand idea. Hopefully, they get it right; the PS3 needs a high profile game soon.

Lara Croft anniversary on the Wii

Lara Croft to celebrate anniversary on the Wii? [update 1] - Nintendo Wii Fanboy

This is good and bad news for me. I'd rather play this on the Xbox 360 to be honest. That seems to be the case most of the time...I just don't dig on playing the PS3 or Wii all that much. The PS3 is a pain and the Wii controls are usually janky as hell. My first full TR experience was on the 360, so I'd like subsequent experiences to stay there. Just like party games like Wii Sports I'd like to keep those with the Wii.

But if Eidos gets stubborn, then I'll buy this for the Wii over the PS2 in a heartbeat. Legends was good and I'd like a playable version of the classics.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PS business causes big losses. Good and Bad news.

Hms Playstation: PlayStation Biz May Post $2 Billion Loss - Kotaku

Sony? Losing money? Nah.

I hope their Blu-ray scam was worth it. They would have saved a lot of money by not forcing it into the PS3. But in the end, it will probably work out for them. If Blu-ray catches on with the regular consumer, than the BRD presses will print money, too.

If this analyst is correct, we should see a significant fall in stock price for SNE. But that's okay. Loitering investors will be ready to pounce on the stock left by those running scared. In the case that Blu-ray is DVD's successor, there should be a substantial increase in income from that sector. The "victory" will cause the opposite in stock price, but it will be later down the road. Buy low, sell high, right?

Their biggest concern is whether the PS3 will have a strong future like it's brethren. We mustn't forget that the division in charge of the Playstation brought the income to keep everything afloat. If Sony loses that...then they are in trouble. The PS2 should keep them sitting pretty for a few more years, so there really isn't any immediate concerns.

Then again, Sony is definitely NOT Microsoft, and these kind of loses are a publicity nightmare. We'll see how SNE handles it.

360 gets bigs props and heeded some warnings/suggestions

GameDaily BIZ: Opinion: Xbox 360's Keys to Victory

Great article, and I can honestly say I agree with most of the points:

Microsoft needs:

*Wrestle more high-profile titles out of exclusivity
*Make a Halo 3 Xbox

I'm not so sure about the "free online". I worry about over-advertising and less motivation to stop hacks/cheats. Free accounts become to easy to create, and however they track boxes can be modified.

I've noticed that once money is removed from the equation, services usually degrade in quality. I'm sorry, but PSN in its current state is a joke...and I have my doubts about how well Home will be in practice (judging from failed claims on the PS2). PSN looks nice, but the controls are clumsy and the interface is crowded. The lack of real mouse support doesn't help it either (the design begs for it).

While I'm glad PSN is free and home is interesting...I would never pay for those services. With XBL, I'm happy to, because it's reliable and the community makes it worth it.

Microsoft has no time to rest...if they want to "win" this war, they need to get cracking, and continue to get the jump on Nintendo and Sony.

RIP Nintendo Power? Meh.

Nintendo Power shutting down? - Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Nintendo gave me a few issues last year and it just doesn't have the same exciting information it used to. Now that Nintendo doesn't monopolize the business (and it's twenty years later), their one-brand focus is a bit lame. It's so much Nintendo that it's painful.

Magazines in the vein of GamePro and GameInformer have much better information and a more balanced approach in their comparisons (for obvious reasons). The nostalgic feeling in me is sad, but the logical side of me says, "This is how it needs to be."

Monday, May 14, 2007

Halo 3 beta - What works, what doesn't

GamePro: What works and what doesn't in the Halo 3 beta

It sounds like Bungie has done some weapons balancing. Thank God.

I'm not sure why we even still need a Plasma Pistol...other than "noob" combo-ing, it was worthless. It sounds like it has been toned down to compensate for this widely hated weapon.

The Mongoose's addition seemed like it would be welcome and GamePro approves. That's good...I always wondered why there was no human competitor to the Ghost.

I was also worried that the Spartan Laser would be cheap. It sounds like it is balanced enough to be useful and not aggravating.

Problems revolve around the Brute's new trajectory and the new grenades/mines. Without playing the game, it's hard to see if it's just something new that needs to be learned, or if the implementation is off.

I guess we'll see. I'm not part of the Beta since I didn't want to buy Crackdown, but we figure we can just wait until the actual game comes out.

360 cold with RROD? Try a warm towel?

XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found!

I've seen this before, but it's still fairly interesting. Easier, faster (brick PS2), and cheaper than fixing a PS2's DRE.

I think Microsoft should be a bit more concerned about this. Sony ignored DRE until the absolute end. While MS is handling RROD much better, they still should look into the engineering of non-elites.

Bullet Witch stuff...why isn't this game cooler...

Major provides the BW update

A remade level, a challenge in that level, unlocking the spells in that level, and a secretary costume.

20 points a pop, which is a quarter. That's actually reasonable compared to other blasphemous extra content. I want to want to play this game...but it's just not as exciting as it should be.

Damn you Cavia for horrible implementation! I still have yet to complete the game because Guitar Hero is just so much more entertaining.

Wii slew the Engadget Awards

NintendoWiiFanboy gets excited

* Reader's Choice: Most Innovative Peripheral
* Reader's Choice: Game Console of the Year
* Editor's Choice: Game Console of the Year
* Reader's Choice: Gadget of the Year (!!!)
* Editor's Choice: Gadget of the Year (!!!)

Yeah, I'd say "pwned". Not surprising; the Wii is the new kid on the block, and it brings some new bits of fun to the gaming equation. We'll see how it compares to little-brother DS.

I think the Wii will continue to do well, although it still seems that regular gamers have the least interest in it (while still being interested).

If gaming can replace movies as entertainment, the next decade should be an interesting one. Movies all suck now, if you haven't noticed.

PS3 good for 10 years and beyond? This is waiting.

Sony committed to PS3 "for 10 years and beyond" //

Kyoshi Shin of Japan's IGDA (International Game Developer's Association), commented that even with a long-term plan in mind, many developers are ditching the PS3 for the Wii.


"When people talk about the PS3 on chat forums, they say it's like going to a very expensive restaurant and not getting anything to eat."

Burn again.

Well, analysts and Sony still say the PS3 will "win". I'm not so sure about that. I think the Wii will start to fade after SSBB, MP3, and SMG to be honest. The console just hasn't had anything solid brought to the table. But time could be good or bad to the Wii. We'll see.

I think Sony and Microsoft are going to continue to battle for 1st or 2nd place and stay about even (1st/2nd depends on Wii). But the Xbox 720 will come out around the time the PS3 starts getting solid. It really depends on whether the Wii can keep it's momentum and whether the 360/PS3 can create an experience everyone wants. We'll see, eh?

NES Ninja Gaiden coming to Wii VC

Per Kotaku

I love the Ninja Gaiden series on Nintendo. But I have it on the Xbox (via Ninja Gaiden), on SNES, on NES, and on Emulators already. It's tempting to buy it as it's a little easier to get to on the Wii than on the Emulators (boot time), but without added achievements I just can't say it's worth it.

Get some Tecmo love on XBLA and we'll talk.

Parents buy 42" Bravia....unfortunately I'm unimpressed

Apparently my Dad couldn't resist a week ago and they decided to spend the big bucks on a Sony Bravia 46" LCD TV to put above their mantle. It is to replace their 7 year (?) old 55" Sony rear projection STTV.

It looks like the old TV is staying awhile (mom doesn't want to burn in the stock banners into the new tv like she did with the old one), so maybe my "two big screens in the living room" setup is catching on. LOL

I'm a little upset that they didn't take me with them when shopping for a new TV. I warned them that HDTV's are a lot more complicated than the televisions of old. But hey, when Dad wants something (which is rare) he doesn't have a lot of patience. At least they listened to me on brands (Sony, Samsung, Toshiba (non-projection), Mitsubishi).

Thankfully, the Bravia is 1080p, has an optical out, and three HDMI outputs and 7000:1 contrast ratio. They should be good for a little while. It sounds like the salesperson ingrained that "TruHD" bull that Sony is pushing.

My mom kept asking me if we were looking at 1080p while they were watching their SD DirectTV broadcast. I said, "No, all you are going to get is 1080i. If you want 1080p support you'll only get it with a Blu-ray or HD-DVD movie. I guess I'll have to leave you guys my PS3 for a little bit."

Anyway, SDTV signals looked awful...worse than any of our HDTV's at my house. I did some adjustments to clean it up as much as I could, but unless standing 20-30 feet away, the picture was near unbearable. The Wii was tolerable, but GH2 on PS2 was painful to look at.

Speaking of, the calibration in GH2 was over 100 I've been complaining about 30-50.

I let them know they'll have to sign up for HD programming, which is probably extra. I think all that mattered to them was that they had a TV on the wall. LOL

I'm not sure that I'm ready to retract my support of Sony Televisions, but I'm surprised that it doesn't automatically clean up 480i signals. My TV at least upscales it...and it was $1300 cheaper. Different type of TV though. I'll stand by my "projection over LCD and Plasma" recommendation still.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Team Xtender: real-wood PS2/360 guitar, HDMI adapter, white XFPS

Team Xtender

Lots of interesting products from Team Xtender available and coming up.

The most interesting news is the "XFPS Mini Guitar". As explained on their news page, this will be a half-sized controller made of "real guitar wood" for "authentic" gameplay. From the explanation, my guess is that it is actually a PS2 guitar hero controller, but it actually works with the XFPS adapter (unlike the stock GH PS2 guitars). Sounds like a must-have to me.

Second in line is the mythical Xbox 360 [proprietary A/V port] to HDMI adapter. We've heard about these several times in the past, but have never seen one. Maybe Team Xtender can be the first to get one working. Unfortunately, they claim it's only good for up to 1080i. That means I'll still be buying an Elite down the 65nm road.

Lastly, it looks like they have a new XFPS with more X/Y axis sensitivity controls. And it's white to match the console (unless you have an Elite). Sweet! Not really...I've not been using my black one lately. But I haven't been gaming a whole lot.

Anyway, hopefull Team Xtender comes through.

Virtua Fighter Team begged to make a 360 version

PS3 VF5 Team Begged To Make Xbox 360 Version | Xbox 360 News: More Microsoft News Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

This is good to hear. I'm glad devs are getting smart and spreading games to other consoles.

An interesting quote from the article (about developing for 360 vs PS3):

Microsoft software development kits, for example, were very well put together and they were also very helpful in responding to our requests and in supporting the team. From a developer perspective, that made things a lot easier. -Yoshihiro Tsuzuku

This makes sense, and I always echo these thoughts. Microsoft helps developers by not wasting their time with difficult tools or making them do common tasks manually. Hopefully Sony can improve their dev tools in the future.

MS Puts our $5 a month to good use

360GameSaves: - News

This news sucks for cheaters. Apparently, Microsoft is slamming the door on sharing gamesaves. Cheaters could use these shared gamesaves to get achievements without doing the work...which deny's the point, but some people don't like to work for anything I guess.

Microsoft is using the gamesaves database against them. Good job on keeping the lazy at bay. :)

SO vs You

That's funny for some reason...

Tony Hawk is in trouble? Good. Here's Skate.

Joystiq on Skate: watch your back Tony - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Skate sounds great so far. The one problem with Tony Hawk is the game was made with the PS2 controller in mind. Now that we are in an analog stick gaming world, the old control scheme just isn't keeping up. Not to mention it was getting a little ridiculous.

Utilizing a unique control scheme (which is best described with this tutorial video) that mirrors real skateboarding, Skate mostly breaks down to the two analog sticks: left for your body and right for your feet. Still busting both bones and boards to this day, we hardly needed a run through of the controls before we were hopping stairs and nailing tricks. The simplistic beauty found in Skate not only means that anyone should be able to pick it up, but those who actually do skate will appreciate just how naturally everything feels.

I'm hoping Skate will bring skating back to it's roots via video game.

PS3fanboy poll on Blu-ray movies...scary results?

PS3 Poll Police: How many Blu-ray movies do you own? - PS3 Fanboy

At this time, 27% of people claim to have "all of the Blu-ray movies". However, the comments indicate that people voting "None" are getting lumped into the "all" category. That seems a bit more realistic. With 200+ BRD's available at $30 a pop, that's over $6000. If that was the truth, no wonder they thought of the PS3 as a cheap Blu-ray player!

Obviously, it's some kind of mistake. However, check out the comments. There's a couple that claim to have 20+ BRD movies. That's the PS3's price alone. Maybe PS3 owners' gusto in buying something useful for their game machine is inflating the numbers. Since the games don't have a lot going on, why not buy movies, right? This format war is ridiculous.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Condemned 2 stalking the PS3 in 2008 - PS3 Fanboy

Condemned 2 stalking the PS3 in 2008 - PS3 Fanboy

I'm not sure if I could hit this game up again. I really had to be in the mood to play it, as the tension this game causes is fairly high. Sega set the atmosphere perfectly. The article mentions a few noteworthy flaws that I admittedly didn't really notice.

I guess I'd like an explanation of the ending of the I don't really have a choice. PS3-elitists will have their go at the game as well.

PS2 to PS3 controller adapter not quite as expected (Guitar Hero crippled)

IGN: Guitar Hero II Compatible with PS3?

How disappointing. Some of the reviews from gamestop buyers said that rumble doesn't work either.

If this is the case, then what the hell was the point? I was going to buy a couple of these...but probably not now.

Update brings better VGA picture - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Update brings better VGA picture - Xbox 360 Fanboy

If only my Mitsi TV would display VGA input full screen, I would be excited about this. I'd finally get full-screen 1080p where it matters. Then again...does it matter? Ninja Gaiden didn't seem amazingly better on 1080p though.

I'll try again I guess.

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's...but the first 7 tracks suck

First tracks from Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's revealed - Joystiq

I can't say I'm looking forward to any of these. The songs currently available for download on XBL aren't anything to jump for joy over either.

I Wanna Rock (by Twisted Sister)
I Ran (by Flock of Seagulls)
Round and Round (as made famous by Ratt)
I Want Candy (as made famous by Bow Wow Wow)
Metal Health (as made famous by Quiet Riot)
Holy Diver (as made famous by Dio)
Heat Of The Moment (as made famous by Asia)

Hopefully the other 23 will be worth it...and the PS2 guitar I'll have to buy to play these (lest they get smart and provide this on the 360 version).

Halo nay-sayers get slapped

Between the 4 million plus pre-orders for Halo 3 and 5 million players of Halo 2, it's about impossible to say the game is worthless.

Halo 2 is the 2nd best FPS in my book (AVP2 ftw) for one small reason. When you look down, you can see yourself. Go play several of your favorite FPS's and look down. You don't exist most of the time!

Oh, the fast-paced gameplay and versatile play-lists might have something to do with it as well.

Cue maniacal laugh; Happy Tree friends to hit XBLA

Happy Tree Friends to visit XBLA - Xbox 360 Fanboy


Nah. I can't wait. Even if the game sucks, it still should somehow be blood-stained with awesome. ;)

Wii weaker than Xbox 1, but can pretend

Robbie Bach snipes the Wii

The challenge they have is that third parties aren't going to make much money on this platform because Nintendo is going to make all that money, and their ability to compete with something like a Halo or produce an experience like Madden on their system is going to be tough. They don't have the graphics horsepower that even Xbox 1 had

The above-linked article is investigative with anonymous developers.

One point of speculation was this: does the Wii have programmable shaders, either vertex shaders, pixel shaders, or both, as did the original Xbox? The answer, according to our first source, was no.

However, the developer continues to explain that the weaker graphics hardware can "come close" or essentially mimic the newer design. From what we've seen so far...this really hasn't be utilitized. Let's face it...Wii graphics are ugly compared to the competition...and even against the older Xbox!

the Wii's graphics chip, comparing its fixed-function design to that the Gamecube, saying that it was "basically pretty similar" to Nvidia's seven-year-old GeForce2.

The article concludes that Robbie is right, although maybe not to the extreme assumed.

After playing the Wii, I always wondered why it didn't perform all that well. It was supposed to be on par with the original Xbox...but that's hardly the case. Even with current releases...the PS2 seems to out-perform the Wii (although this shouldn't continue into the future).

Maybe Microsoft should just re-invent the original Xbox with a motion controller. LOL. Nah, we love Nintendo, no matter how disappointing this news is.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Microsoft update = Painless (yes, that's a stab at the PS3)

Today's Spring update reminds me why I absolute HATE using the PS3. Today's update seemed to take less than a minute; it was quick, I didn't have to go to the "update" section, nor did I have to plug in my wireless controller. I didn't have to pretend to read any legal agreements or wait for a ridiculously long download because their servers were busy.

It told me there was an update, I selected yes, and moments later I had new features and was at my dashboard, ready to go. Then again, some people think the extra effort is just fine for their extra $200 (and have no sense of humor).

Sony, get crackin' on Home. And user-friendliness would be a BIG plus, especially for a $600 console.

Forza 2 demo...should we be excited?

Forza 2 demo burns rubber tonight - Xbox 360 Fanboy

I don't know...Grand Turismo and Forza became pretty lame after playing Burnout. From what we know about car damage and physics thus far, Forza would seem to be the more interesting simulator of the two.

But how amusing is driving around in circles thousands of times, really? I'm hoping the car damage can bring some life to the boring old racing simulator.

In the worst case scenario, I'm sure my room mate will buy this game so I don't have to. I'll comment on the demo after playing it. I'm sure it will be better than PGR.

360 giggles and points at PS3, Apple TV

Engadget has fun with 360's new video codecs - Xbox 360 Fanboy

"The new dash update brought with it some spiffy high definition codecs and Engadget has given them a test drive. With fresh 1080p support (at up to 10MBps) Engadget declares the Xbox 360 the new king of streaming video, effectively shoving the Apple TV into the deep recesses of an ancient couch."

That's if only I could get full screen VGA on my TV. Oh well...I'll just wait for the 65nm Elite. Or live with 1080i...which seems just as good to me...

I've not seen anything for streaming out of the PS3 (that doesn't involve the PSP)...does it even exist? Or do you have to duplicate your data on the PS3 (because it's already on your PC)? I do know that playing custom tracks is pittiful on the PS3 compared to the 360. If the PS3 does have this capability, it's not obvious, and I'd imagine the controls and menu are horrible anyway.

Good job on the home media, MS. But I'm still not buying Media Center. LOL

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core still looks beautiful - PSP Fanboy

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core still looks beautiful - PSP Fanboy

This game is taking far too long. Hurry up my only-reason-to-play-the-PSP!

Losers: Midway: New IPs Fail - Kotaku

Losers: Midway: New IPs Fail - Kotaku

It has nothing to do with the new IP's themselves.

The problem with new IPs is if they don't get proper advertising...the average consumer isn't going to notice them. The flip side is that new IP's don't usually get as much financial backing as tried-and-true unending sequel games.

Games like God of War and Gears of War were advertised to hell and back (and it paid off). So not only does the game have to be has to be presented to gamers all over...which isn't an easy or cheap task.

RUMOR: Universal decides to go Blu-ray - PS3 Fanboy

RUMOR: Universal decides to go Blu-ray - PS3 Fanboy

That's horrible news...and I don't even own an HD-DVD player. Hopefully it's not true...but people are being sucked into the Blu-ray scam daily. Thankfully the average consumer still doesn't know what the hell Blu-ray is. Even the sales people don't understand it.

It's really unfortunate, since HD-DVD has the better licensing, the better authoring tools, didn't use MPEG2, has less DRM, and uses a more sensible language for the purpose than Java. Not to mention that Blu-ray is still needing to catch up to the menu features/interactive extras that HD-DVD has had all along. And HD-DVD players are already sub $300 which is by far more realistic.

It's nice have a Blu-ray Player/PS3...but I just haven't been impressed with Blu-ray as whole.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A pretend good moment for the PS3

PS3 price could drop $100 due to Blu-ray diode supply - Joystiq

This will not equate to a lower PS3 price right away. Sony still has to recover the huge loss they take on every PS3 sold. But cutting their own costs is a step in the right direction for everybody.

Although stating the obvious, the analysts are right. The PS3 desperately needs a price cut. The brand name alone could take it from there. They are fighting against cheaper consoles with more games. The games they do have are often shoddy ports, which doesn't help their situation.

The real question is, "How soon can Sony make the price reasonable?" They have to realize that the PS3's extra (and worthless for the most part) gadgetry just isn't in high demand. Once we get the good exclusives and a $300-400 price out of the PS3...I think it will get more attention. That is of course, if Nintendo and MS don't manage to skewer them with better deals.

MS's positive PR even took a hit recently. I'm quite surprised that Major said such things (in a public cast). As a person in the corporate world and as a person who has worked directly with customers on many's actually not that surprising to hear Major's true colors.

Consumers, especially gaming consumers, are a bit naive. They want everything for free, but fail to realize the companies providing them with their gaming-fix still need to make money. If they didn't make money (or have money-making potential), then Sony and MS would have dropped out long ago and let Nintendo take over. Only the craziest devout Ninty fanboy would want that.

The real power we consumers have isn't so much "whining" power when things don't go the way we want. Sony has fallen victim to consumer whining, which is why the PS3 has been a mess all around. Consumers demanded a different controller, a cheaper console, and free online. We ended up with a cost-inducing lesser-model, the same old controller (the new one would have been great...try Psyclone's PS2 version), and an all around horrible online service. We ended up another PS2, which isn't what the consumer really's just what they are familiar with. Gamers always secretly want change, but we fear change (that's cliche as hell). We don't know any better...which is why companies need to keep a reasonable amount of control and a stiff upper lip. Not to say they shouldn't listen, but compromise should never be out of the question. Microsoft is doing a fair job at that, which is why they are perceived as doing so well.

The real power we have is where we spend our dollar. Money speaks more than forum blabber ever will. If a consumer doesn't agree with pricing, then they shouldn't buy it. We see whining about pricing on XBLA all the time, but MS continues to provide a venue for what seems like high pricing. They get away with it because people demand the content, and will pay for it. The best thing to do is to turn away from a game or additional content if the price is disagreeable. Patience isn't a gamer's specialty, but in order for us to get what we want, we have to use the one power we have.

Back to Sony, they seem to be figuring this out. They obviously made a mistake in bloating the PS3's costs to a level where it hurts them and the consumer. Consumers have spoken, and not spent their dollar. Sony is working toward fixing this dilemma, although it will be an uphill battle for a while. Thankfully for them, Major's little stint could break the hearts of a few MS followers, and Sony will be there to pick up the pieces.

Monday, May 07, 2007

PS3 FEAR sucks.

Frankenreview: F.E.A.R. (PS3) - Kotaku

"the textures seem to have either taken a drop in resolution or are suffering from some weird blur effect, because up-close they're a total mess. While even the Xbox 360 version looked sharp and clear, the PS3 version is F.E.A.R. through a pair of dirty spectacles"

"even with the shoddy framerate and mud-vision there is fun to be had blasting your way through the campaign mode."

"there's a clear delay between the press of the trigger button and the accompanying gunfire."

Ouch...did they really ruin such a fun game? I guess the PS3 just wasn't meant for ports. But neither was Xbox when it came to receiving PS2 ports. Revenge is at hand!

Too Human's Denis Dyack: games need to be shorter - Joystiq

Too Human's Denis Dyack: games need to be shorter - Joystiq

I think this was put poorly. Games need to be "long enough", not necessarily shorter in general.

Gears of War for example, felt 2-3 levels short. The campaign was fun, but the lack of proper story-telling and brevity somewhat kills it toward the end.

Resistance: Fall of Man felt too they purposely dragged it out. It's almost as though the devs thought the story was more interesting than it really was. Even if the story was presented better, the mediocre gameplay didn't do much to keep attention. They probably could have cut a good 30% off the campaign and it would have been fine.

Balance should be achievable through testing. We'll see how the future's games work out.

Not Just For Fun Anymore: Gaming in the Public Sector - Kotaku

Not Just For Fun Anymore: Gaming in the Public Sector - Kotaku

I agree. The problem with a lot of learning and training sessions is that they just aren't fun. Bookwork and multiple choice questions aren't very rewarding and fail to be positively intensive.

Video games can aid in learning very well. I know that playing a game like Call of Duty did more for my interest in WW2 than any history class...that's for sure.

Love Exercise Like Cake: Exergaming Is Hot - Kotaku

Love Exercise Like Cake: Exergaming Is Hot - Kotaku

I'm all about anything that ISN'T DDR. Right now, I've been in the habit of lifting weights between Halo 2 matches and during movies. If something could be effectively aerobic and fun like Wii Sports...there would be plenty of money to be made.

Drilling reps or hopping around to get the blood flowing is so much easier when playing a game. I can't wait to see what comes out of this.

Curiosity strikes: Intimate controllers to make touching good?

Intimate controllers remind us that touching is good - Joystiq

What a strange concept. At the same time, the right implementation could lead to some interesting results. Many people seem to be naive about intimacy, and something like this could spice things up, even for a "settled" couple.

Strange times indeed.

Update this week | Xbox News - Instant Messaging Comes to Xbox 360

According to xbox360fanboy, the Spring Update comes this week...we just don't know when this week.

I can't say I'm really all that excited about the new features (except the more informative achievement popup). But hey, more features is never bad, right?

Experimental emulator brings PSP games to Windows - PSP Fanboy

Experimental emulator brings PSP games to Windows - PSP Fanboy

God, I can only hope this becomes functional. I hate playing the PSP. The screen is too small! That's why I don't play the DS anymore either. Sure, there are TV adapters, but nothing I want to deal with.

An effective emulator would be the fix.

Turn the SIXAXIS into a real boy

I might just have to make me one of these. Screw the SIXAXIS.

Ubisoft say "PS3 can't do that."

Ubisoft say Splinter Cell Conviction not achievable on PS3 at Current State | MyGEN - Xbox Article

"They state the fact that they are exclusive to the 360 allows them to do much more than if they were multiplatform, but they also state they doubt they would be able to achieve what they're doing with the game on the 360 on the ps3 even if it was ps3 exclusive."

Details people! Saying something like this is ridiculous if the dev team can't say WHAT it is they doubt they could do on the PS3. This isn't something we hear very often, because of the exaggerated powers of the cell, so it'd be nice to see what makes the 360 advantageous this round.

Home is looking good: 40 PlayStation Home screenshots

40 delicious PlayStation Home screenshots - PS3 Fanboy

One has to wonder how simple this method of personalizing can be. It definitely looks cool compared to say, Mii Parades, but we'll have to see how functional and fun it is.

Yellow Dog Linux now supports wi-fi on the PS3 - PS3 Fanboy

Yellow Dog Linux now supports wi-fi on the PS3 - PS3 Fanboy

Sweet...but there still isn't proper GPU support. Personally, I think having a cheap laptop in your entertainment center (for emus) is a better option than trying to do it with the PS3 (until they get GPU support anyway).

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Once you pop, you can't stop. (HD Matters)

One of my friends has a 5 year old son that's addicted to gaming. Racing games are his favorite, but up until lately, all he's had is "Cars" on the GBA. Aside from that, he has the Sonic Collection on the Gamecube, along with Donkey Conga (or whatever it's called).

Since he likes racing games so much, I donated ATV Offroad, Need for Speed: Underground, and Burnout: Revenge. All are disappointingly for the PS2, but that's what they have. I've been trying to get him to lean more toward Burnout so when I play with him I don't hate it.

He plays on a 27" SDTV, and my eyes are decidedly very unhappy with the old standard definition. Split screen play in Burnout looks so grainy it's barely tolerable. It's so bad in fact, that I cannot tell when shortcuts are coming up and sometimes I cannot even tell whether I'm about to hit an oncoming car or rear-end another car.

The game is essentially the same as the 360 version, but saying graphics don't matter is a bit silly. Even the physics seem a bit less fun on the PS2. The game feels so negatively different when stepping backwards, that it's easier to see benefits of the increased power.

Conclusively, HD matters. Anyone going from 480i on the crummy PS2 to 720/1080 on the PS3 or 360 will see the difference. Going back is actually painful to some extent. The eyes don't have to work as hard to discern the environmental obstacles on the current console collection. For those who haven't made the jump yet, stick with last gen as long as possible. It will feel like those old PS1 games did in 2004.

It looks like is a bit envious as well.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Too Good to be true? 360 Prem @ $230, PS3 60GB @ $350 Yup.

BDC, Inc. :: Game Systems (bad link:

Update 05/11/2007: The link is now broken and I'm removing it. As expected, this appeared to be a scam. Check the comments for more info.

PSP @ $100, Wii @ $230.

This seems a bit fishy, but these are "hella" good deals if accurate. Anyone willing to verify the validity of this site? Or how about someone identifies the catch?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bioshock's water is b-e-a-utiful - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Guitar Hero controller modded for correct-handers (lefties) - Joystiq

Guitar Hero controller modded for correct-handers (lefties) - Joystiq

I need to do this for my guitarist. The tremolo bar is in his way. Not that it stops him from beating me in multiplayer. LOL

Burnout Paradise: Burnout Paradise - Grand Crash Auto - Kotaku

Burnout Paradise: Burnout Paradise - Grand Crash Auto - Kotaku

Finally, a fun racing game is talked about. Enough with the Forza and Gran Turismo 27. Please.

Lessons from the Sony PlayStation vs. Nintendo Wii - Apr. 27, 2007

Lessons from the Sony PlayStation vs. Nintendo Wii - Apr. 27, 2007

This sums up the article:

"Decades from now, PS3 vs. Wii will be remembered as a cautionary business tale: how pride, politics, and an overabundance of technology can blind you to the simple truth of what consumers want."

An interesting read, although inaccurate at parts.

"the Cell is an amazing beast that can do seven tasks at the same time."

Actually, a full-fledged Cell can process 10 threads. The PS3 version can process 9 (single core does 2 threads, and each sub-core does 1 thread).

What really bugs me is when people call it "Blu-ray DVD". DVD is Toshiba's deal, so using that name in conjunction with Blu-ray is asanine. The DVD-forum is in support of, you guessed it, HD-DVD, not Blu-ray. Blu-ray is its own thing. BRD is probably the best bet for an acronym.

Aside from those things, the editor makes some good points.

"Sony has been so dysfunctional and clueless when it comes to the Internet,"

Hollywood wants PSP to compete with iPod - PSP Fanboy

Well said.

"We keep hoping they pull themselves together ... with the PSP video, we're hoping they create a forward-thinking strategy and stick to it."

It looks like the industry can see that Sony is handling their products poorly. The PSP should be the greatest handheld ever....but with proprietary memory sticks and not supported video standards, it doesn't make much for a media device. Forget it as an MP3's too big.

They are right. Essentially, lose the UMD and go with the hard drive. "iGames" if you will.

You don't have to be American to dislike Kutaragi

Hironobu Sakaguchi Mixtape: Beef with Kutaragi - Joystiq

Alas, details are not provided. But it's good to see that even someone from the PS3's hometown can admit the faults of all three systems. And Crazy Kuturagi.

My favorite (carefully selected) quote is this one:

"There are a lot of excellent games on the 360, far better games than what's on the Wii or PS3. -Hironobu Sakaguchi, Final Fantasy Creator"

Before jumping into the mockery school bus, he does bash Microsoft's marketing efforts after that. And the bash is justified. He also has sour notes for the PS3 and Wii as well, with no plans to develop for them at the moment.