Saturday, January 01, 2011

In Progress: Metroid: Other M

I see what critics a criticizing. The cutscenes in this game are way too long and do not help the story whatsoever. Metroid has been about playing first and story second. This game forgets that in it's entirety. I don't think the problem is so much how Samus is portrayed, it is that we are given way more detail than is necessary for this type of game. I would expect the female stereotype of emotions in the driver's seat if this was franchise was intended to be a chick-flick. Metroid fans just want to play!

However, I am enjoying the gameplay far more than the Wii controls of Prime 3. It seems like waggle makes the game take twice as much effort to get the same gameplay result as prior entries. To me that is a failure. I do not have this feeling when playing this new entry, although i will admit that turning the remote to aim is obnoxious. I think we could have done great without first-person.

The rest seems fine so far. More to come!