Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Internet

SuicideNinja does in fact, still exist. It's just so fast you can't see it!

As expected, gaming and time for it aren't things in my life right now. I have all the recent greats in my library (sans Heavy Rain and God of War...can't bypass the $30 or less PS3 game rule), yet I haven't really played any of them. By the time I get home, any remaining energy has escaped me.

The captain of this boat (that I am ON), is only moving toward my MMA hobby, foregoing any existence of other directions. I'm training Kickboxing and Karate twice a week, and then MMA sparring on a third day. I plan on throwing regular boxing in there once a week as well. Somehow I've got to get some Jujitsu in there, but we'll see.

The inevitable, "Are you going to fight?" question has been asked and will be repeated. I'm honestly not sure. While I've not actively trained the whole time, Martial Arts has been in my life for 22 years. I'm passionate about it, but it's not cool-kid enough to have me leave my job over.

Offhand, I would definitely love exchange blows in the ring, but I'm not so sure my lungs share my enthusiasm. It's one thing to spar for a couple minutes...quite another to double that battle. My asthma has been quite tamed compared to my youth 15 years ago, but the condition is still there whether I have attacks or not. Thank you, Advair! I'm hoping I can increase endurance and make it more of a possibility.

If I do ever hit the local octagons, maybe I'll just reference my tag for the nickname. Now that would GEEK.