Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tech I am currently playing with

I am going to give posting via iPad another try here. Screen typing is still awkward, but it works well enough. Most likely i will break down and get one of those iPad cases with the Bluetooth keyboard if I decide to write more on this thing.

As for the iPad, i don't think i will be be upgrading to the next version. While a built in card reader and cameras should have been there to begin with, we all new Apple was saving features to make the next go-round appealing. While having a heap of apps, I am tired of proprietary systems, and Apple's unsaid motto of, "If it's broke buy the newer better fixed model."

I have been real impressed with Android as of late, and find the OS leaps and bounds more versatile than iOS. It comes at the cost of simplicity in some areas, but at least it isn't the shameful Blackberry OS (5.x, 6 doesn't work on my Storm 2). I enjoy being able to switch to list view on Android, and the latest phones have screens that dwarf the iPhone. Chime in about resolution all you want, but more real estate makes onscreen typing easier and allows for easier-to-read text.

Speaking of Blackberries, I am anticipating the new Playbook tablet intently. I would love the ability to dump AT&T for the iPad-only plan and get my Storm more useful as a tether to the Playbook. I would really like a smaller tablet for portability, and one-handed holding/operation. Reviews seem positive so far, so I can only cross my fingers and hope my company supports them. The iPad has shown me that tablets are the future, as most browsing and quick emailing can be done without a laptop. The lack of slowness and no waiting for bootup is amazing as well. I just hope Microsoft can incorporate those things in a tablet and still support full on software and not just "apps".

My latest aquisition is a 58" plasma 3D TV. I am not sure what all the complaints about image retention and wear are about. I have had all types of televisions and I must say the LCDs are my least favorite. To be fair, i have not had a LED TV yet, but the price isn't justified from what i have seen. My TV still manages to have a small profile but handles motion quite well without the rough edge look that LCD TVs still manage to do (but much improved over the last few years). The motion performance does not carry over to 3D, however. Pain in the eyes is what comes to mind, although the 2D to 3D conversion seems more comfortable than native support.

My take: 3D is not for the general consumer. It is fun, but there isn't much for content and I have yet to see anyone take advantage of the tech in a way that stands out. Guess I will have to give a few PS3 games a whirl,