Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is the Xbox 360 becoming the next PS2?

Early on, there were many comparisons of the Dreamcast to the Xbox 360. However, knowing that Microsoft has near unlimited funds compared to Sega, even suggesting that a Dreamcast fate was due was nothing short of ridiculous.

Even still, it's too early. But for the sake of thought, let's change the comparison. Currently, the Xbox 360 seems to be more like the PS2 and the PS3 seems to be more like the original Xbox.


For the time being, the 360 has the most games. While (supposedly) less powerful than the competition, it still manages to hold its own. It even managed to be the first real competitor out the door (we won't count the Dreamcast since Sega's doom was imminent). It has a few less features, yet is still a popular console with some solid exclusives. Even hardware problems don't seem to be slowing it down (think DISC READ ERROR on the PS2). Sounds like the PS2 as I remember it.

For the moment, the PS3 has very little for games. It has more features, (possibly) better hardware for graphics, and has a few strong exclusives. The advantage the PS3 has over the original Xbox is brand name (for the respective time frames). Other than that, it sounds like the Xbox to me: "most powerful", "poor game selection", "crappy ports", etc.

Where the Wii fits in is hard to say. Last generation's consoles didn't really bring new gamers to the table per say. Well, at least not to the extent that the DS and Wii have. Sales may mimic the PS2's success at the beginning of its uprising, but the Wii still seems like it should be in a probationary stage until we some some solid titles come out for it.

While future sales numbers talk, we're not going to know the extent of this war until high caliber games start appearing, such as Final Fantasy, Halo, and Mario. As it stands, this comparison means very little for predicting the outcome, but it is definitely food for thought.


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