Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Limbaugh: Don't scapegoat games for VT massacre - Joystiq

Limbaugh: Don't scapegoat games for VT massacre - Joystiq

It is always impressive when someone in the media takes an appropriate stance on ridiculous stereotypes. In this case, that label is video-games-equals-violence.

The media and it's readers/listeners/viewers are really disgusting sometimes. The media is an enabler to find quick-to-blame scapegoats for just about anything. Television causes this behavior, video games cause that behavior, certain music is work of the devil, etc. All have been ridiculous notions.

When it comes down to it, there is no single cause of negative behavior. It's a combination of things not even limited to environment. Heredity, experience, and guidance all play roles to a much bigger picture.

My guess is that this "media play" (as I'll call it) uses high-level cause and effect anti-analysis because the majority of the human race doesn't enjoy thinking (getting down to the core "low-level"). Many of us will latch onto ideas or notions without knowing the underlying supporting information. We see this a lot in the fanboy wars. I'm no saint in that department, although I will happily explain my reasoning behind what I say.

Hopefully we'll see a realistic approach to games media in the upcoming years. Music, books, movies, and television have been mostly let off the hook. After Video Games, what will the media attack next?


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