Monday, April 16, 2007

HD DVD Sales Soar in US - HD DVD Takes The Lead In Europe

HD DVD Sales Soar in US - HD DVD Takes The Lead In Europe

Thank God. If you've seen the quality of HD-DVD's, you'd know why this is a good thing, less storage space or not.

If you are a programmer, you'll feel a temporary sigh as a HD-DVD win would erase a Java platform from existence. Phew.

Too bad it's still way too early to tell the future of whether downloads, HD-DVD, or Blu-ray will win.

I'm betting the release of the Matrix trilogy helped with this HD-DVD recovery somewhat. Sure, it should be on Blu-ray as well, but HD-DVD is just more practical. If the movie industry wants to slow pirates, they should move to HD-DVD for retail movies and not make any burnable HD-DVD discs. Leave PC storage to Blu-ray, and home video to DVD/VCD.

Maybe that's impractical, but so is HDCP/HDMI and DRM as a whole. It'd be easier to control hardware than software IMO.

Or they could waste time and effort on AACS, BD+, and all that other DRM crap that ends up being more consumer-annoyance than piracy-avoidance.


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