Monday, April 09, 2007

Ouch! PS3 finishes last in Australia? - PS3 Fanboy

Ouch! PS3 finishes last in Australia? - PS3 Fanboy

Pwned. Or something.

My comment says enough:

"I would hate to have to buy a 360 cause the PS3 turned into a confirmed flop"

As much as I hate my PS3 with the fire of a thousand suns, I think even suggesting it will be "a flop" is ridiculous. It may not have the iron grip over the competition this time around, but Sony won't be hurting in the end. They will still make money, learn from their mistakes, and make the PS4 the machine it should be.

Even though the PSP isn't that amusing of a device for the general populous (compared to the DS), there is a market for it. Sony is doing quite well sales-wise for being "the new kid" on the handheld block. Hasn't it outsold the Xbox and the Gamecube at this point?

As for Australia, don't forget about the Microsoft-sponsored "biggest water-baloon fight" held there (I have the picture on my desktop). That most likely left the 360 very memorable for the Aussies; Sony hasn't done anything to that magnitude with them for sure.

Looks like my comment won't go through. Oh well.


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