Monday, April 09, 2007

Xbox 360 QWERTY thumb keyboard is official - Engadget

Xbox 360 QWERTY thumb keyboard is official - Engadget

All nuclear heating semi-circle of red death jokes aside, one has to admit that Microsoft makes some pretty solid and useful hardware. As with any manufacturer, there will always be faults (*cough* floppy d-pad *cough*), but in general I like their stuffs.

The 360 controller, their mice and keyboards, the 360 wireless headset, their steering wheel design, etc. are examples of good ones. The upcoming thumb keyboard attachment for the 360 keyboard is a welcome addition to the accessory family.

Now I just have to wonder whether this add-on or the keyboard will be my preferred method of messaging mayhem. Not if I continue to use those tad bits of alliteration...

Anything but that cell-phone-style text entry that the PS3 uses, right? ;)

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