Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PS3 gets "pwned", while 360 gets "pwneder" in Japan

Wii Outselling PS3 Over Two To One In Japan - Kotaku

2 to 1 sales in Japan? Take that Sony. Now your homeland is turning away from you! *continues to recite other unnecessary anti-Sony blabber that doesn't address any true argumentative points* :)

Now if you total up the monetary total of the consoles, Nintendo and Sony are about even with the latter lagging behind slightly. But after launch, a console maker wants more end-users than just a high monetary total. They need to sell games to make more money, and the more end-users, the more games sold.

It looks like Europe chilled out last week on PS3 purchases. Read the article though, because Nick is right; this shouldn't be abnormal when there is stock abundance as opposed to a limited-quantity launch.

Before doing any pro-360/Wii dances, keep in mind that Japan are still snubbing the 360, which has less sales than the PS3. Why? I have no idea. The PS3 sucks.


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