Monday, April 02, 2007

Defending the PS3 boomerang controller

This article from Joystiq reminded me of an article I wrote last year.

Surprisingly, I had defended the boomerang controller myself. The premise of my argument was that we were not aware of the intended motion control for the PS3 controllers at the time. That information changed my mind on the original design. Check out my article for more info.

Even better, I saw this controller in Circuit City the other day. It looks like Psyclone decided to take the boomerang design and make it for the PS2. Seriously, I almost bought it just to see what we missed out on by judging a book by its cover.

We already know that I hated the dualshock controller. But I rescind any mockery of the boomerang design that I wrought.

It's things like this that remind me why companies end up deciding what we want as opposed to us. We really don't know sometimes.


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