Thursday, March 29, 2007

A random commenter complains on an old article

SuicideNinja vs Video Games: It's Official: Don't waste your money on Blu-ray (or HD-DVD?)

Remember this one? I sure didn't. Someone out there decided I needed to be "corrected".

Anonymous said...

i have a ps3 that i got the day it came out and i love it and hello did you hear there are patching in the rumble function. also with blu-ray get a new tv thats how it works depending on how old your tv is! also you have to set up the hdmi for it to work if you dont it thinks you are just using regular composite cables. And on a final note the ps3 does upscale everything if you have agood enough HDMI cable

Good job on complaining on an article from 2 months ago. Good job on that. *pats on head*

If you care enough, you can read my semi-nice response on the link above.


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