Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TeraDisc planning assassination of Blu-ray and HD-DVD (well it should...)

Mempile shows off "TeraDisc" DVD-sized optical storage - Engadget

Any true media buff knows that the Blu-ray and HD-DVD that everyone wars over are nothing more than intermediary formats for better technlogy. While I'm not a media buff, I have been paying attention to this part of the industry because it affects all lines of my work.

Well, move over 300GB Holographic and 100GB Quad-layer Blu-ray discs. These new discs are even cooler; they're transparent and are poised to hit the almighty Terrabyte!

Realistically, there won't be any physical media challengers to Blu-ray and HD-DVD for a while. But it'd be nice to say, "Ha! What a waste of time," towards the warring formats.

One still has to wonder how EVD didn't become an extension of DVD. The technologies are different, sans the red laser. If they could manage to get more out of DVD, then this whole format war would be sham.

Still, I think the Chinese are the smart ones...they are EVD'ing it up. How can you beat a 1080p-supporting $90-$150 player with 50GB discs for media? Why does the movie industry hate consumers so much?

Even worse, I bet quite a few HD movies could fit on DVD9. Just strip out the worthless special features and use solid compression.

*waits for arguments*


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